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Mission 5: Plane rides have never been so sweet.

Plane: 6:00 p.m.

The plane descended to the sky above, carrying a very irritated feline and agent. Not even the massive amount of pillows and blankets that formed a partition between them, shielded the anger oozing out of their bodies. Hiro glanced at Taku between the little cracks of the cotton wall, while she stared intently ahead not even paying attention to the eyes that fell upon her. She could tell he was trying hard to conversate with her by the way he opened and closed his mouth as if he was about to say something, but didn't bother to acknowledge his efforts. Considering he was so rude to Eiji, who was actually the only male in the whole agency to actually treat her like a normal human..cat, why should she even talk to him? The thirteen hour commute from headquarters to Shrimpo's place didn't make it any better either. Thirteen hours with Hiro would only encourage her to pull out that lovely new gun of hers and blow a hole in his head.

He could tell she was getting more agitated by the second by the way her ears twitch, the way she bit her lip in a certain way and how her eyes turned a tad darker. He sighed in defeat and sunk back into his seat, looking out the window.

'Yup..' he thought. 'This is definitely going to be a long plane ride.'

After five hours, which felt like a decade to Hiro, nightfall came and the lights dimmed in the plane. The moon was full and round, shining into Hiro's window. He hasn't looked at her once in fear that if he did stare at her any longer, she'd claw his eyes out. He took this opportunity to peek over at Taku only to find her sleeping on her hand drooling a little. He chuckled and stared at her for a few seconds.

'She's adorable when she's not out to neutor me.' He thought to himself and sighed. 'Ah, Taku...How can I fall for someone annoying, stubborn, and thickheaded?..' He smiled to himself and shook his head, knowing exactly why he fell for her. No matter how much he tried to deny it, he knew that, even with her flaws, she was perfect for him.

Within that time of him admiring her and her forming the Niagra Falls out of her mouth, the emegency lights in the plane flickered on. Hiro looked up and saw the seatbelt lights go on and before he knew it, the plane shook abruptly and the oxygen masks hung down. Taku, by this time, woke up, grumpy as ever because one of them whacked her on the head.

"What the flying fuck is going on?" She snapped at Hiro.

"I'd tell you if I knew, DEAR" Hiro snapped back.

"Watch who you're talking to, boy."

"Make me, kitty." Hiro smirked and it wasnt before long that his face was engraved with one of the oxygen masks. "Okay..Ow." The plane still continued to shake and the lights in the plane flickered madly. Taku and Hiro looked at each other, not sure what to do next. "I'm going to check on the pilot..Maybe there's something wrong. It doesn't seem like there's a storm brewing." He said as he looked out the window.

"I'll go with you..." Taku replied. They both unfastened their seatbelts and held onto the plane seats for support, considering they were stumbling all over the place. "My god, did the friggin' pilot fall asleep from lack of coffee?" Taku said, clearly frustrated. They made their way down the aisle, and swung the door open. At the same time, Taku and Hiro's eyes both widened as it was revealed that no one was manning the pilot seat, meaning there was no one flying the plane.

"Uhm...Hey, Taku..." Hiro eyed the empty seat.

"Yeah...?" Taku replied.

"Do you know how to pilot a plane...?" Hiro sweat dropped.

"No, but I could try."

"...So we're screwed."


"That's great." He replied sarcastically. He'd be damned to die like this, in this damn plane, because of a damn squirt who had to live thirteen hours away and die without even telling Taku how he felt about her. He decided to jump into the seat, and take control. Taku still stunned at the fact there was an empty seat, became even more surprised when it was taken over by Hiro.

"Oh yeah, that's great, Hiro, as if we weren't going to die already, you're going to make us die even faster!" Taku panicked. "You don't even know how to fly a plane!"

"No, but I could try." Hiro smirked.

"No way, buddy. I have a better idea." Taku looked around the room and spotted exactly what she was looking for. Strolling casusally and unhooking it off the hook, she threw it at Hiro's head who was puzzled as ever. He looked down at the square object.

"No..fucking way. Nuh uh, no way in hell." Hiro shook his head madly.

"Don't be such a child."

"I'm not being a child, this is the matter of life and death! And if I jump off this damn plane with you it'll make the situation death and death." Hiro exclaimed.

"You're overexaggerating." Taku rolled her eyes and put on the parachute on her back. "And besides, you don't have much of a choice." Taku said as she pointed outside of the plane. The plane began to plummet down to what seemed like the sea.

"...If we die...I swear to god, I'll find your furry ass wherever we go after we die." Hiro threatened.

"Correction, YOU'RE going to die. Might I remind you, I have nine lives." She smirked. He glared at her and put on his parachute. She started to make her way to the exit, before she was abruptly pulled back by Hiro. "What the heck?" She turned around and looked into his eyes. Hiro began to say something until the plane shook and Taku lost balance and fell down. "Gah.." She rubbed her head and looked up only to find herself ontop of Hiro and staring straight into his eyes.

He looked back at her. And at that moment, Taku saw something in his eyes that she never saw before and it had her hypnotized and drawn. The plane was on it's way crashing down and Hiro knew that what he needed to say had to be put on hold. He quickly got up and kicked the emergency exit opened, while lacing his hands with Taku's, who turned into a tomato and jumped out with her. They both pulled the lace on the backpack that let out the parachute.

He was so into the moment...That he kind of forgot that he was afraid of heights.

"AHHHHHHH! HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! SAVE ME." He said as Taku and him floated lightly to wherever they were going to land.


"I'M GOING TO DIE. OH DEAR GOD." Hiro yelled in the darkness.

"Hiro..." Taku was getting a tad annoyed. When he wouldn't stop his girly screams and praying, she suddenly yelled. "CAN YOU PLEASE LET GO OF MY FUCKING HAND?!" He looked at her and looked down at their hands, which were indeed locked together, he blushed and rougly pulled his hand back.

"Oh god, this whole plane situation is driving me to the point of insanity. I now have kitty germs on my hands." He sighed. He instantly got smacked in the air by Taku and whimpered as he clutched his head.

Taku, looking around in the pitch darkness with only the moon as as source of light, saw a patch beneath them that they seemed to be landing to. Hiro saw it too, but it seem the closer they got to it, it was not a patch, but an island.

"At least we aren't going to die."

"Says you, who knows what resides on that island."

"You're such a worrywart."

"Are not." Hiro huffed.

"Are to." Taku replied.

"Are NOT."

"Are TO."

Hiro rubbed his temples, not wanting to participate in this childish fit, while Taku grinned from ear to ear knowing she won the battle.

Hiro sighed. "All I know is that I don't want to be starring on Lost right now." And with that, they were closer to land, not knowing what was ahead for the two of them.

To be continued...

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