Where I am going to live

Island of a thousand greens

This is where I want to live

Peaceful like a Shepard's eyes.

Flat-topped mountains

Gently rolling hills

Ancient rocks from past ages.

Old stone huts

With straw thatched roofs

Dimly lit by a glowing fire.

Fields of wheat a working horse

This is where I want to live

Spring time all year around.

Giant cliffs face the oceans mists

Flowering meadows silent streams

Where not a snake can be seen.

The emerald isle

Forgotten ruins dot the land

Worn down pebble paths.

Old folktales of little green men

Add to the countries mystic

This is where I want to live.

Moss covered stone walls

Wisps of fog float in the middle

The air grows moist and chilly.

Rich with culture

A friendly people

Who will willingly invite you in.

A fantasy comes true

This is where I want to live

Where a keg a day will keep the doctor away

Flower filled bogs

And small water falls

Colorful birds live in the wet lands.

Steep grass filled glens

With plumes of fog

And rain that never ends.

Here and there a dense forest

The mountain ash and holly thrive

This is where I want to live.

Where fairies still live in the hawthorn

To the east a gray sea

Of the coast jagged rocks.

Grassy fields were cattle graze

And horses roam

With looming clouds over head.