Author Notes: Woo! I have this as a script for a comic I intend to make, but I figured writing it out in my typical descriptive style would be very fun. So, if that's why it seems written a little weird I'm very sorry. It's written for a comic, and just think. This is just the first chapter of book one. Of course. Script form it's only...19 lines of dialogue. Wow. Shows how far I can take something like that. Mm. Feels good. Also, that's why it says introduction. I didn't feel like adding to my story just so you know the background. It's pretty basic, kinda normal really.


The land of Teiresal has always been a world of magic but worse yet has it also been a land of war. The god's, upon their creation of the land, also made with it five stones of immense power. The stones, themselves, at one time created creatures of which to protect them. These creatures gave in to the twisted natures of the mind, and craved to obtain one another's power. Thus the war of the races arose.

Chapter One: The Stolen Promise

Laying against a set of sapphire and glistening gates was a young child of the Water races. His deep blue skin was glistening as his head bobbed back and forth, barely reaching the handles of the gates themselves. His florescent green wings were flapping about and causing the long strands of his white curled hair to flutter forwards, along with a few spare tears of which had fallen from his strange burgundy eyes.

The boy's name was Padme, and he'd taken up the position of guarding the gates for an hour or so while his elder sister took a short nap. Padme didn't much like the idea of guarding the gates, but he enjoyed the thoughts that his dear sister would at last get a moment to sleep. He'd begun mumbling to himself; his words drifting on the wind to a spying ear nearby.

"I wish my sister would just get back already. That's it's been for years now. She never has time for anything since our parents went away. I wish she'd just play with me once in awhile. I guess even if she could be home more often, she wouldn't. It's all because of these stupid--" and yet dear Padme's words felt short as the spying ear grew wary of his rant. The man, hidden by a cloak, jumped forward, picking Padme up by his cape. Only the man's vicious grin could be seen.

He began chuckling at the weak opponent set before it, and why shouldn't he? The boy was merely nine, and even then a Water elemental hardly reached four feet in their teenage years. "A little tiny Waterbat! Well then, this must be the gates to the elemental jewel, hm?"

Padme didn't take any time in responding, throwing his hand forward and sending a large blast of blue light into his attackers eyes. The man dropped Padme in an attempt to shield his blinded eyes. "You little--Ugh!" It was next that Padme's hand went forward, knocking the man where most men would not hit another, winding his attacker very easily.

The little boys eyebrows narrowed as he began shouting, more so in an attempt to alert his sister. "Dirty thief! You're not going to get through these gates! I promised my sister!" The thief had let the boy shout, not seeming to mind as he was mostly attempting to regain his composure. He called out into the bushes to two of his companions instead, causing Padme's shouts to cease.

"Elain! Anei!" With that, another cloaked figure though this time female sprung from the bushes and overtook Padme and her friend. She landed with grace before the gates, beginning to chant a spell to unlock them. Around her heels was the creature called Anei, a shadow figure with hollow holes where eye should be and black, cold flames instead of fur. The holes around his eyes went aflame as he stared at Padme and his male companion.

Padme was taken by surprise, quickly turning upon Elain and reaching out towards her with his gloved hand. He went to shout, suddenly being cracked in the back of the head by the cloaked male's sheath. Instantly Padme crumpled to the ground, laying still and hardly appearing to breath.

The man removed his hood to reveal his medium length black hair and equally black eyes. His narrow eyebrows were arched with curiosity as he looked at Anei, of whom still had a look of being displeased upon his face. This came from Anei's dislike of physical harm to any in his presence. "Kaden. That was unnecessary. You could have merely bound him."

The black-haired man now know as Kaden gave a wide grin and unsheathed his weapon, pointing it at Anei. "Well, I was merely getting the runt out of the way. We don't need him shouting anymore. It'd looked like no one had heard his first shouting fit. I'm kind of disappointed they let him guard on his own. Speaking of guarding, you watch out for anyone coming."

Anei growled faintly, lowering his wolf-like head in a bow. "Fine, Kaden, but you'd better not take all the glory for yourself on this one." With that he sprinted around the corner, merely keeping an eye on the road that turned towards the gated cave. Kaden had moved to walk into the cave, but stopped as Elain walked out. Her hood had now been removed as well to reveal a set of horns atop her head of which seemed to bare no skin at all. Her eyes were like Anei's, deep cavernous holes set into her otherwise bony white head. Her jaws making the shape of a fanged smirk.

Elain's hands moved to show Kaden not one but two elemental stones. Blue for water, shaped like waves forever going in a circle, the texture more gelatin-like than rocky. Next to it was a white stone, curled into a spiral as if a snail's shell.

Kaden's eyes went wide as his smile did the same. "Two? The Waterbats had the Wind Stone? No wonder the recent young have been blessed with those wings. Lucky bastards must of had it for nearly a decade now. Though we certainly our the luckier. Our master will be more than pleased. I see a great increase in our salary, love. A great increase, but first I think I'll remove an unnecessary cut in it."

He turned, gripping his sword hilt to the point that his already paled knuckles were white. His hair was blowing in the wind slightly as he suddenly moved towards the un-knowing Anei. His sword digging deeply into Anei's side and causing him to spin suddenly as black colored blood hit the ground and dripped heavily from both wound and Kaden's blade. His voice seemed broken as the shadow's form flickered slightly. "You--You bast--Agh."

With those last words the shadow dog named Anei disappeared, his blood still laying where he previously had been. Kaden turned to Elain with another blank expression. "We won't be holding back our pay anymore." Elain just gave a wicked laugh in response, wrapping her arms around Kaden as she whispered.

"The shadow of good was holding us back, anyways. It goes to show that even a poltergeist can have a heart of gold. Strange, how the world works sometimes." Her head moved to grin as fire curled around those empty sockets of which she called eyes. "And yet it frightens me, that evil is good and good is evil. Perhaps he is the one that the Seer spoke of. The man of gray who challenges our lord and the gods."

Kaden just kind of sneered and began walking away down the path, stepping over the twitching body of Padme. "It doesn't matter even if was to be. He'll be down for days with a wound like that now that he's been given a physical form. Even if it's some dead dog. Now silence, Elain. We have our gift to deliver."

Bum bum bum, to be continued!

Author notes: I got bored and messed with this. The Chapter itself has 1168 words. The script for the comic has 240. It's kinda hilarious. I'd of been more detailed with this but I'm not that mean. I'm serious. I love you guys! Also, just so you're aware. None of my characters are named after (insert whatever here). For these characters I just drew them and wrote down whatever name first popped into my head. I'm sorry if they're found elsewhere. I don't care. Don't whine at me. Also, these characters were all made by me unless I somehow state otherwise. (This possibly being if I design a character after a friend with their permission. My friend and I do that sometimes. We're psycho. Though, she kinda portrayed me as a magical fish. Oh well. I'm not complaining. I told her to.) I talk too much. -glances at other chapters- Crap. They're like twenty times longer than my intro. Oh well. If any of you actually reads this, you'll deal. Until next time, I'm the best fish in the sea! Ta ta!