Because You Have No Faith

Citizens! Lend me your ears
Gather 'round the wooden marker
An appeasement; searching cheers
Gripping hands as knee-buckler

Grass stains and shouted glee
Muted songs praising heavens
Follow fiercely true Lord's decree
Which peace oft leavens

Even the crushed bird falls
Even the wings riseth again
Even the silent rock calls
Even the sheep break pen

And ne'er do we speak
To great angels on high
He ordered thee to climb His peak
But He let you fall; silent, through sky

And ne'er do He praise us
As we worship jealous fiend
But He has forbidden us lus'
And lost; we find truth gleaned

But masses go ever on
Leaping ditch in blindness
Ne'er minding if they do meet dawn
As own blood in face recess

Even they do go forth
Even the broken follow faith
Even they search the wharf
Even the ships do saith

That the Lord is thy God
And His son thy savior
And bend broken knee; given for sod
Stains remain as recompense fo' naughty behavior

Ignore His present failures
Be blind His past mistakes
Trust Him for y'alls futures
As did Son; set up own stakes

Elements of torture; wisdom's loss
Follow to provide self: sacrifice
Preposterous grin, preparation for toss
Ah! But just a wealthy benefice

So, He say goo'-bye
And so long for now
Keep up with your petty sigh'
See you when you fat as sow

Even them with eyes is blind
Even the hollow is rock solid
Even them with life return in kind
Even the dog barks so sordid

Lookie here for you answer
"And extra! Extra! Read all 'bout it
He just as much as you a faulty dancer
Only dif'rence is He don' give a shit

"So learnie as quick as ye can
Open up the drink of your own mind
See thee develop own impressive span
Rid each self of restrictive bind

Well, thee a goo' Lord
We did appreciate it while it did last
You ain't no trusty ol' Ford
But did trust anyway; it were a blast

I say little birdie o'er there
And don' you agree; I don' believe a lick of it
Give me your hollering fair
'Bout repentance and faithful 'bediance and ruined lit

I tell you though, that I believe what I will
I say that I won't have faith in lies
I refuse to damn myself and spill
Songs of undying love for one who dies

Even He knows He loves me not
Even He refuses to listen to all prayers
Even He sends this word to rot
Even He peels away layers

I have only myself
And of that alone am I proud
I admit that it's a tiny shelf
But it holds all of me; pulls away fool's shroud"

Because one didn' have faith
And because this one turned away
Because you didn' have no faith
Only you survive Revelation Day


Modified: 25 August 2005

This before was more of a 'loose rhyme'– I had a few words that just jutted out. I changed about five lines to create what I hope is a better flow.