My Perfect Boy

No matter how many real boys I see

There will always be one perfect boy for me

He has no name

His face is plain and empty

His body, nearly shapeless

Though he'll never be perfect

I'll never have to look into his eyes and blush

His figure is too vague

To ever be exposed

He's no more than a silhouette

On service signs

All the outsiders know

Is that he's male

Which is all it takes

In his worlds

A single triangular shape

Representing a dress

Is the only difference

While I'm dreaming of something more

I'll love him until I die

Just to put "him" after "love"

But never go where love can't take me

Looking past the restroom signs

Boarding the subway

My love reminds me to mind the gap

And the person I'm dreaming of loving

For real

Sits, facing the door

She is reading a newspaper

And the shameful blush he could never cause

Swipes across my cheek

But I ignore her, and think about him

I can love anyone

So long as they're male