Rose petals stain clear water

I am stepping over shattered glass

The glass that I dropped

Dark liquid spreads across cold tile

The glass is broken; I'm starting to bleed

You'd offer a tissue, but you're away

In your version of where we are

I see roses, wine, and candles

The glass is gone

Chaos in my mind

I slide into the water

Its heat makes me shiver

Like the feeling I don't want to trust

That makes me see

Things that no drug can justify

I close my eyes

And ask what you see

I'd give anything to know

If being alone with your thoughts

Scares you

Like it does me

You shrug

You didn't bring me here to talk about it

But I know you feel it

When you sleep

You're trapped in pleasant dreams

When you're awake

You're trapped in reality

So, instead, you trap yourself

In false euphoria

And pull me down with you

While it lasts