I've known you for a very long time

But no one's every really known

One true thought

Behind your pretty blue eyes

You were the girl running from invented predators

With friends no one else would see

But they told you nothing was wrong

The other children weren't smart enough

To understand you

So you created your own world

With three distinct societies

Always at war

Where you could be the leader

Against everything that hurt you

Now that you've grown up

From your seven-year-old wars with the shadows

That lived in your closet

You sit, shut away in your room

Waiting for eventually

Eventually, they said the world would catch up

And understand you

Eventually, they said you'd be happy

So you wonder

If you're creative and smart

And can do no wrong

Why can you never be happy?

Why are the peers someone told you

Would soon burn out

The ones falling in love

Whose smiles still work?

How do they live, every single day?

Without asking why?

You've spent your whole life

Trying not to mess up

And tear your tiny thread of self-esteem

You've spent your whole life

Proving your worth to people

Who never thought twice about you

And that was your biggest mistake