Flight of Fantasy

Oh, I wish I lived an anime
Exciting my whole life would be
I'd fight demons any day
Then bad guys fall in love with me

Oh, I wish I lived an RPG
Travelling strange lands far and wide
I'd solve puzzels with great speed
And in my past, I'd find the lie

Oh, I wish I lived a Sci-Fi show
With vampires, zombies, and the kind
And the government, too, don't you know
The conspiracies that I would find

Oh, if in a manga I could be
Deep within those magic pages
You'd buy issues one through three
And make me a legend through the ages

Oh, I wish I lived a comic book
A superhero, proud and strong
Everyone would surely look
And I be a movie before long

No, I don't live in fantasy
Not book not disk held upon high
But though I can't live fantasy
That doesn't mean I cannot try

(date unknown)

Authoress' note: An account of my imagination, in verse form.