Gypsy Dance

Twirling around in your gypsy dress
Twirling around in your gypsy mess
Your hair all a-tangle and flung in your eyes
Giggles and laughs 'tween your songs and your sighs

Watching you there with my arms 'cross my chest
Watching your bare legs shine 'neath your dress
Not caring who sees you, you put on the show
You don't care who sees you, but they watch you, you know

Spinning in circles, you cast your spell
Spinning in circles, you're dancing so well
You dance by yourself, but seldom together
When you dance by yourself, you're light as a feather

The skirt of your dress catches the air
The air from your dance catches your hair
The room is all yours and this you can see
But though the room may be yours, you belong to me


Authoress' note: Um...Written by me...for me...about me? Yeah... Kind of inspired by a song called "Michael" by Franz Ferdinand.