Sasha sighed and her breath billowed in the cold morning air. It was too cold to snow and everything had iced over. She walked on the barren sidewalk to her building and noticed that through the thick layer of ice she could see mud and bits of grass. "'It's the start of another ice age," she laughed to herself, pretending that the ice was the start of a glacier. She never took her mind off science if she could help it.

She put her mittened hand up to her face and pushed her glassed back up so they rested on her nose again. She walked faster as the wind picked up. It was the start of her second semester at college and she already felt like the large campus had been her school for a long time. It seemed so long ago that she had been in high school.

Sasha had never been pretty or popular, but she had always excelled at school. She thought bitterly about her elementary and middle school existence and wondered how she had managed to make it through those difficult years. Sasha had gone to a private elementary school, and had been relieved when she was allowed to attend the public high school in her town. She recalled trying to fit in during her freshman year, and almost laughed at herself. She had been a chubby girl when she was younger, and didn't really start to grow vertically until she turned fifteen. When she came to school her sophomore year, more people started to notice her because her weight didn't change with her height.

She made a few friends that year, but more importantly to her, a boy became interested in her. She had never had a boyfriend and she eagerly soaked up the attention he gave to her. Soon, she and the boy, Casey, became an item. She had been dating him since. The rest of her high school career passed without incident. She wasn't valedictorian, or salutatorian, or even the third ranked in her class. She had always wondered why there wasn't a special name for number three. She was ranked twelfth, which was no small feat. Still, she was disappointed in herself, and resigned herself to going to the cheap state college rather than going away and taking out unnecessary loans.

And so she trudged to her class, thinking lightly about her high school years and how they had flown by. She smiled, thinking about how she was going to meet Casey later. He was an art major, so she was going to run by the art building and wait for him to get out of class.

As she finally stepped into the warm refuge of Stonewell Hall, she sighed. Today was going to be a busy day. After classes, she had to run home, gulp down a meal that was something between lunch and dinner which would most likely consist of fast food. Then it was off to the school around the corner to work at her job as a supervisor of the after school program. Normally, her day would end there and she could take a deep breath and start on homework, but today was slightly different. After work, she needed to change into more descent clothes than the jeans and sweatshirt she was now wearing and go to a job interview. Her mother had offhandedly mentioned that they were having open interviews, and Sasha desperately wanted a chance to make some more money and see some different surroundings.

She settled comfortably into a seat, and tried her best to stay awake. She had never fallen asleep at school in high school, but the added stress of college and her relationship with Casey had often kept her up into the wee hours of the morning.

Her day dragged on until it was time for her to see Casey. She walked quickly through the cold to his building, and found him still working on a project. She stood shyly outside the classroom, and he finally looked up to see her. He was only about an inch taller than she was, with spiky brown hair and a five o'clock shadow at 12:03 in the afternoon.

He walked out to her. "You could have come in, you know," he said laughing a little.

She smiled back. Casey was always laughing or joking about something. "I know, I'm just shy," she said in her overly quiet voice. He quickly gave her a hug and walked back into the room where he started talking to one of the other guys in the class. She walked in after him and leaned against the long table where he was standing. "Are we going to do anything this weekend?"

"Uh," he stammered, not sure of his plans. "Yeah we can get together sometime."

"Oh great!" she replied happily. "I can't wait. I'll call you tonight, okay?"

"Sure thing," he said, sounding distracted. He went back to cutting the mat board in front of him and she leaned over and pecked him on the cheek. She walked out of the room with a dissatisfied feeling. She thought that it was because she never saw him enough, but she wasn't sure if that was exactly it.


Sasha fell back on her bed with exhaustion. Her interview had gone fairly well. She really hit it off with the interviewers. Especially the one who agreed with her that Matthew McConaughey was extremely good looking. Unfortunately, they had been hiring for the Video Barn store that was no where near where she lived. Sasha had of course asked if they were hiring at the store near her, but the two ladies had been very vague.

"Well, it's their loss if they don't hire me," she said aloud to instill confidence in herself. She cracked open a book and her notebook and began to furiously scribble notes down for her classes the next morning. After what felt like an eternity, she looked at the clock, which finally showed a crimson number nine followed by two zeros. She grinned wildly and grabbed her cell phone. "Why can't the free minutes start earlier?" she said as she dialed Casey's number.

"Hello?" the voice on the other line said.

"Hi," Sasha said, sounding disappointed. Casey's mother had answered, and although she was one of the nicest mom's she had ever known, she was eager to talk to Casey. "Is Casey there Mrs. Mom?" She laughed to herself at the endearing nickname she had given his mom.

"No, sweetie," his mom answered. "Can I have him give you a call back?"

"Sure thing," she said, trying not to sound upset. He hadn't been home when she had called for the entire week.

Sasha finally finished her homework and checked the clock: half past twelve. She sighed and quickly got into her pajamas and turned off the light. She lay awake in bed for a while, hoping that Casey would give her a call back. He knew that it was never too late for him to call, but her eyelids betrayed her and closed tightly.

This is just a little introduction. I promise everything will get better. I'm just too tired to write down any more. I'll just leave you with this- aren't things better when they're based on true events?