First bell. Math the most terrible thing to do early in the morning. The teacher gargled on about ridiculous equations that me and my fellow students would never use, outside of Algebra 1. Doodling in my notebook a boy who unfortunately shared my small table with me looked over my shoulder. I move over to keep him from seeing how terrible of a drawer I am. He gets the idea and puts his head down on the desk with a thud.

Hopefully I gaze up at the clock, fifteen minutes to go. There's a knock at the classroom door and the teacher aggrevatedly opens it, to admit a new student. Being totally sure of herself she stands in front of the class as the teacher reads her pink slip.

" Ah I see well then, class we have a new student," the teacher looks her up and down, as if the girl was a hideous toad, "she's from Landwell high school." the teacher and the entire class just stare at the girl with utter boredom. The girl looks at us in return, absorbing her surroundings then, notices there aren't any chairs available.

"She can sit by me…" I piped up shattering the silence; I shove the boy next to me out of his chair. The teacher nods at him as he went out into the hallway to get an extra chair. My mouth takes things into its own…hands, and I feel them create a smile across my face. The girl walks down the isle with the grace and posture of a cat. Her head up high, looking down upon all, shoulders straight. Getting closer to me the girl meets my eye and holds me there till she sits in the chair next to me.

The teacher continues to talk, repeating what she said before the girl walked in. the girl next to me looks around the room as if everything in it was somehow fascinating. Leaning down to my book bag purse I shuffle through it to find my lip gloss and hand held mirror. I put the lip gloss on, the smell of watermelon filling my senses to the brim, then lay my head down on my right arm. In my right hand my mirror is hiding just so that I can view the girl next to me without her knowing.

I angle the mirror towards her face; the sun of the new day is shinning in her pale blue eyes, and is creating a halo effect on her wavy brown hair. She too reaches for her lip gloss out of her hoodie pocket and applies it to her lips. Smacking them together, I realize how small yet poutly-perfect they are. Over her freckle full face a hazel curly lock of hair falls in the way of her eyes. Pushing it back in place, I see the girl look directly at the mirror in my hand. For an instant we stare at each other, me panicking, her knowingly.

Not a moment to soon the bell rings, unlocking my eyes from her cool blue gaze. Instantly I gather my things cram my mirror into my bag and jet out the door. Walking down the hallway I notice that my face is hot, flushed. Thoughts run through my mind of what the girl might do to me, or think about me. Shoving those thoughts out quick as they came in, I run to my next class. Religion.