Sitting in my front row seat in Religion, being the only person in the room besides Mr.hothead, our teacher, I wonder with all the dread my body can create if the girl will be in this class with me also. Mr.hothead looks at his computer screen checking his teacher to teacher emails. The bell jars into my head banging around along with all my thoughts, Hothead lets out a sound of disgust and annoyance. His eyes never leaving his monitor he looks over and asks me if I had met our 'pubby' new girl.

"Uhm I'm not sure sir." I reply truly unsure if I did or not. Landwell is a public school, but another 'pubby' girl might have just arrived today also.

"Pompous brats, the lot of them." He says to himself as all the late arriving students enter. I watch from the corner of my eye to see the 'pubby' girl walk in. to my heart wrenching terror the 'pubby' that Hothead was whining about walks into the room, brown locks and all.

"Right this is our new student," Hothead stands next to her without touching her he wraps his arms around her shoulder. "I already know what….," Hothead pauses and starts again, "ah well her name is Rebecca Troser. Go have a seat next to…." He looks around and finds the seat behind me empty. "Right behind Claudia there dear." Again the movement of her body attracts my eye. Obviously not to happy to be here she stares at the back wall as she passes me to her seat.

Class goes on at a snails pace, Hothead is telling us about how the gospels blah blah blah. My first row seat, I acquired the first week of school when I asked Hothead whether or not Christians or Catholics were aware that many things they do originated from many Earth based religions. Hothead gave me a detention and I never spoke another word in that class.

Without another person sitting in front of me for cover, I had to at least look like I was paying attention. My new found talent of being able to fall asleep with my eyes open was a gift! Since Hothead was facing the board writing down frivolous information, at least in my opinion I let myself fall asleep.

Almost falling out of my chair, when the bell rang, I saw the back of Rebecca leaving the classroom in a hurry.

"Does she know where sees to go next?" Hothead asks anyone who will answer.

"What class does she…?" Hothead turns to his computer again and cuts me off.

"Phys Ed, Sister Beth." As his words stop my face once again is hot and full of blood. Without responding I run out the classroom door to get to my locker.

The junior girls' locker room door looms ahead of me; two chatter bug girls pass me and rush through the door before me. Once I reach it I stare at my reflection in the stainless steel.

"Hello? You lost loser?" a high pitched sugar and poison voice right next to my ear makes me jump. I turn around and shuffle out of there way. I always hated populars and their latchkeys; somehow the feeling of hatred was always mutual.

The pass me smelling of lavender lotion and bubble gum, I catch the door behind them and walk in to the locker room. Rushing to my usual corner with the extra thick lockers I hear a strange sound. I being to changes, listening in on what the other girls are chatting about.

"…yeah she's from Landwell! Ughck! Can you imagine?"

"…you mean she's a," the voice lowers to a whisper, "pubby?"

"Yeah pathetic white trash I hear." The other voice chimes in a little loudly.

As the conversation changes to shopping, volleyball practice and make up I tune into the other noise that is resonating off the tiled wall. I know what it is, where the sound comes from to, the showers. No wonder I didn't recognize it at first. No one has ever used the showers this year. The girl using them must be brave or stupid.

Completely dressed I put my stuff away in my locker and head out of the now humid locker room. Before reaching the door, the person using the showers shuts it off and jaunts out to her clothing pile on a bench. Everyone in the room stands still, no one says a word. The girl using the showers was Rebecca!

Rebecca the center of attention, because of her nakedness, dresses in front of all of the locker room unperturbed. My face bright red and my hands getting sweaty I silently walk out the door to the Gymnasium.

I find the boys clustering together mumbling amongst themselves, Rebecca's name leaking through their fortress walls. Within seconds the girls all walk out of the locker room, shocked and ruddy faced.

Separated into pairs the whole gym class is told to practice hitting the volleyball over the net to one another. The plump girl I'm paired with has as little aim as I do. We small talk about books and stuff at the mall. Suddenly the pair next to us is told to move different spot and another pair replaces them. The ball dropping out of my hands, I check the new pair out, Rebecca was standing a few feet away from my portly partner.

"Hey come on serve the ball, we'll get in trouble here soon!" she yells at me from the other side of the net.

I rest the ball on my left hand and send it flying with my right, my partner misses it and goes jogging after it.

"Nice serve." A sweet voice like the warm sensation of rum going down my throat, calls to me. I look around to see who said that. Rebecca having caught the ball instead of returning it walks over and replaces my partner. The eager boy that stands next to me pouts, resting his hand on his slim hip.

She serves the ball to me, I catch it, not thinking far enough to send it back, just enough to keep it from smashing my face. "Thank you," I reply stammering on my T's.

My partner returns huffing from her run.

"You gonna serve the ball or not?" Rebecca asks toying with me. She gives my old partner a mean look and the plump girl raises her arms and spikes it over the net to the unsuspecting boy.

I serve the ball to Rebecca, this time noting how much power I put behind it.

Rebecca returns the ball, it smacks on the ground on my side of the net.

"You've got to be more assertive than that!" she pushes, resting her hands on her head. Loosening up and taking the challenge I serve the ball to her with all my upper body strength. The ball soars over her head; she runs to hit it, realizing she's unable to and catches it. The shrill whistle of Coach Sister pierces the air like delicate flesh, and the students all head towards the locker room.

I smile at Rebecca as she walks in pace with me. She tosses the ball up and down in her arms, watching the ball fall into her arms I notice her breasts jumping in synch with her step. She looks over at me then follows my eyes. Rebecca stops throws the ball to a boy who is collecting them she grins as I continue to walk on, looking over my shoulder at her.