Carl: I figured you would ask me, so it took roughly 20 minutes to colplete. (lol)

A fear of mine would be

If I had nothing more to say.

I have never been good with expressing myself;

I kept everything bottled up inside.

But then, I broke down,

And always felt alone

Right when everything seemed to hit all at once.

But then, I came across an amazing gift:

Writing became my release.

What had build up and had been bottled over time,

Exploded onto paper in words.

I could write what I thought,

And say what I had to say,

And never did paper grow tired of listening.

Paper didn't mind keeping me company of nights of insomnia.

Writing is my passion,

My thoughts and my views.

Writing is my release.

Writing is my voice.

And that is why my fear is

If I were to lose it-
To run out of words and not have anything more to say.