Nakanda woke up the next morning and was flooded by the thoughts that had kept her up all night. Her Mother was alive, the King wasn't her real Father, she was a real Princess in another land, she was running away from her whole life, and, of course, Paytah.

Instead of loafing around in bed, and waiting for Miss Sage to persistently beg her to wake up, she got up right away. She washed herself, then picked out a dress to wear, which was usually done by Miss Sage. Nakanda pulled on a pale yellow gown. It was quite a modest dress. The shape of it barely clung to her curves, and it didn't show much cleavage, but Nakanda loved the way the colour played off her hair so she kept it on. Yawning, she pulled open her curtains to see a flood of rain pouring from the sky, "I guess I'm staying in today."

There was a stern knock on her door, and Nakanda spun around. Before she could say come in, the door swung open and in marched King Chambers.

For a split second Nakanda thought he knew, "King.." She sputtered, "I-"

"Good morning!" He boomed, and ushered in three more women.

The first to come rushing in was a younger girl, much younger then Nakanda. She guessed she was in her late teen years. She looked flustered and busy, carrying an armful of boxes stocked full of sewing material, and what seemed to be a gown that was wrapped tightly up in a bag. She had on old clothing, all a musty brown colour except for a blue stone with hung around her next on a slightly turned silver chain. It looked very modest, but Nakanda knew it was probably the best thing her whole family had.

She second woman who came in was a considerable amount older then her maid. And it was clearly her maid. She was old enough to have grey hair, and looked horrible snotty and terrible as she waltzed in, not even acknowledging Nakanda at first. She was dressed in the most ugly, revealing dress Nakanda had ever seen. She almost had to look away. The neck of the sea foam green dress plummeted too far down for a woman her age, and the skirt of it was cut too high. It also had horrendous shiny blue bottons all the way from the top to the bottom. Her grey hair seemed to defy gravity as it hovered above her head. A large blue pendant that matched the colour of her buttons layed on the wrinkled and spotted skin of her neck. She had her bony hand poised on her glasses, and she slipped them down on her nose, and peered out, looking critical, and giving a sniff, then scrunching up her wrinkly nose. She then saw Nakanda, and managed to scrunch up her nose even more, then quickly turned on her heels and started to bicker with her maid.

The third to come in, most modestly, was Lady Nox. Nakanda smiled. Even though Adonis was a horrible person, she still loved her dearly. She was dressed quite nicely, but quaint, her hands clasped in the front. She smiled, and gave a little bow, while the second one scoffed at her Nakanda.

"What ugly curtains," She murmured, "And those sheets!"

"What's-" Nakanda swallowed. She had a feeling she knew what it was without asking, "What's all this?"

"We're fitting you for your wedding dress," King Chambers smiled warmly at her, and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, "I can't believe my little princess is getting married."

Nakanda cringed. Liar. She thought bluntly. It was awful how he was acting to someone who wasn't even his flesh and blood. She squirmed away from his arm, "Um, can we do this some other time?" She groaned, "Me and ah ... Kristyan ... were supposed to go look at ah um... flower that he found. It's wild. Very ... rare."

King Chamber's face never changed, "I'm so proud of you."

Nakanda looked confused, "Didn't you hear what I said?"

"Of course," The King chuckled, "Now, let's get you fitted."

Nakanda's mouth feel open. At that moment, Miss Sage scurried in, "Oh, sorry, excuse me," She blubbered, backing out.

Nakanda wanted to call after her as she closed the door, but it was too late. The old bitter woman was already making her way up to her, "That dress has to go," She said smugly, pulling at the material, "Yellow's all wrong for you. You look so washed out."

Nakanda felt o pang of embarrassment, "Well, actually-"

"Well, I'll get going," King Chambers made his way to the door, "This castle can't run it's self!"

"Right," Said the old woman, completely ignoring him as he said good-bye and left, "Take those rags off. You'd think for a Princess you'd carry yourself better."

Nakanda grinned. She had thought of the perfect plan to get ride of her,"You'd think for a seventy-year-old you'd cover up your age spots and dropping skin."

The second it was out of her mouth, the maid smothered a giggle. The old woman was shocked, and just stood there with one hand poised on her hip, and the other frozen to her glasses, "What did you say?"

"I said you were old and very unattractive," Nakanda spat, "I doubt anyone would ever find you attractive in that wretched rag."

The old woman's mouth hung open. She spat out nonsense then retorted with, "At least..."

"At least, what? You old bag," Nakanda said fiercely.

"I made this dress!" She was practically steaming, and Nakanda could see she was getting fidgety.

"Oh, sorry, never knew you were colour blind. Or stunned. Whatever one."

Again, the maid smothered a giggle, but the woman never seemed to notice.

"You better apologize or-"

"Or what? You're not going to make my dress? That would be doing me a favour! I wouldn't want to wear anything that even remotely came close to you, let alone something you actually touched! The thought of those bony, scummy, senior citizen hands all over my wedding dress makes me want to barf."

She finished, smirking cruelly at the expression on the woman's face. It was one of anger, shock, and shame.

"Fine," Was all she said. She motioned for her maid, and stormed out of her room, leaving Nakanda to grin in her victory. She looked over at the maid, who was hurrying to collect everything, and get out of there.

Nakanda's eye fell on a beautiful ruby necklace her Father had given her. It was cased it solid gold, and the size of a large grape. Along the gold chain it hung on, were smaller rubies. He told her it was a token of his love, from him to his one and only daughter. Too bad I'm not your daughter, She thought. She grabbed it quickly, and waited for the maid to notice it.

She extended her hand over to her, and cleared her throat.

Cautiously, the maid lifted her head, "Y-yes, My Lady?"

"Please, have this," Nakanda motioned to the necklace that poured out of her palm, and hung down in front of the crouched maids eyes.

"M-my Lady, I couldn't possible-"

"Please. I don't want it."

"My Lady-"

She stopped. Nakanda stuffed the necklace into her hand, "You deserve it."

"For what?" The maid asked, timidly picking at the rubies she held in her hand.

"For putting up with her," Nakanda grinned, "Anyways, I haven't anything to match it," Which was a complete lie. Nakanda knew for a fact that if the maid went over to her wardrobe and pulled it open, she'd see more then enough things to match it.

"I don't know how to thank you for this. I really can't accept," The maid pushed the necklace back at her fairly roughly.

"It's yours," Nakanda smiled, and took the maids finger and wrapped them over the necklace, "Enjoy it."

There was a yell from the hallway, "I have to go," The maid said, quickly picking up everything.

Nakanda rushed to the door and opened it for here, "I'll see you later," She smiled warmly, and could see a faint hint of tears in her soft blue eyes. She mouthed thank you, and then hurried down the hallway.

"Lady Cascadia, Lady, we have amazing news!" The sprite swiftly rushed over to the Queen, gripping the letter in her hands, "You have to read this!"

Nayvi Cascadia glanced up from the two elderly men she was talking to, "I'm sorry, but it'll have to wait. These men have some concerns about the new housing."

"It can't wait, M'Lady! This is terribly important news!" The sprite rushed over, and turned to the old men, "Could we have some privacy, please?'

"What?" Nayvi looked confused, but ultimately regal, sitting on her thrown, with her dainty crown placed on her waterfall of loose toupe ringlets. Her skin was very pale, but pale in a very beautiful way. It showed up her green-grey eyes almost perfectly. She was slim, and her soft green gown flowed inches past her feet. She was peaceful, and calm, but her gaze was eager.

"Here, M'Lady Cascadia," The sprite passed the wrinkled piece of paper to her, then stepped down off the steps that led to her thrown. She looked to be the age of ten, but was cloaked in a green garmet, with leaves and herbs in her hair. In made her smell sweet as she walked by, or ran, rather, like many other sprites.

Nayvi opened the paper slowly in her delicate hands, and gasped at what she read.

My Fair Lady Cascadia, Queen of the Woods and Woodens,

My Sweet Lady of the woods, I bare amazing uplifting news for you. Your daugther, Nakanda Cascadia, will soon be joining you. She has made plans to flee the castle, and return to live in the woods with you. She recently learned about the truth of her past from Kristyan Norlek, whom has agree to join her, and live where he should rightfully be. He warned us to be ready, and to be looking out for them, in fear that persons from their castle might observe they're leaving, and try and presue. They hope you are rejoyced by this news, and this has brought joy to you in many ways.

Nayvi was quite for a long time, just staring at the note, " My daughter?"

"Yes, M'Lady of the Woods. The Princess is coming home."