It was indeed something new, something unique.

Throughout the entire existence of the Zion elven race they had been led by a woman, a Queen. Now there was no woman to take that role, no Zion to lead them through times of trouble and allow them to survive it unchanged.

The people had been ready to crown the heir on her twentieth birthday, but with a traitor among them they were left with a funeral instead.

The young princess was dead, her father's cousin poisoned, and only one alternative left.

The youngest of the three princes was still among them, and he was indeed old enough to shoulder the responsibility of an adult.

Winds of change were blowing through Amontsorer.

Caphir Thabit bowed his head to his father, accepting the dragon crown gracefully.

The advisors watched on, saying nothing though knowing perfectly well what was going on behind the scenes.

The traitor had not changed his ways, and though he had not killed the former queen he had been the reason for her death. Though they had no evidence they were all certain of his repeated acts of treason towards his own people and crown, and the murder of his own daughter.

Tarazed Cetus Thabit, no longer ruling king to guide his underage daughter, now high lord and advisor to his son, the first king to rule the Zion. Tarazed smiled at his son, unafraid of the change that was to come.

He had fought long and hard for this, murdered his own blood even when his heart told him otherwise, even when he wished to lay down the poison and the dagger and accept defeat. Now he stood victorious.

His son would never marry, would never father a single child, and he would only remain at the throne for a few years. All the while Caphir would follow his father's requests and orders, never hesitating even when building his own funeral pyre.

Tarazed the Traitor, Tarazed the Unfaithful, Tarazed the Destroyer. History would not look upon him kindly, he knew that, but he didn't care. The change had finally come, the change which had been long due.

The laws written in stone would change, those who dared to speak up against the new leadership would hang, and slowly but steadily he would destroy the society that stole his brother's life. Tarazed smiled at his son, smiled despite himself, smiled though Caphir was close to tears.

They all knew what was happening, and none could stop these winds of change.

Revenge was the only thing he desired these days. The desire for power and might was long gone, the burning love for another of his kin long since lost, the despair at the loss of his brother drove him forward but it was no longer important. Revenge was all that mattered, and in a few years time he would rid himself of the first king of the Zion and become the second king, with no one to challenge his succession.

Ironic how he would reach the position he always craved when it didn't matter anymore.

All hail the new king, the first king.

May he rule for centuries to come.

May he rule as his father wishes and he shall live for a decade more.

Caphir reached out and placed a slim hand on his father's shoulder. He knew what was happening better than anyone. Had he not ordered his father's cousin to drink the poison? Had he not warned his sister of what his father was planning? Had he not seen his death in the many visions of his father's treachery?

What was coming would come, and he could not change it. Caphir knew that. What was coming had to come, even though it would be the end of his entire kin.