Dear Diary,

My mom has made my life a living hell. She's getting married to Cesar Gonzalez. How is that ruining my life? Cesar Gonzalez is my boyfriend's dad. Shock, horror. How could she do this to me? This is just great, right when our relationship was getting better; we had to learn we were soon to become brother and sister. Maybe I should explain everything up until the night my mom told me the great news.

My boyfriend Junior and I haven't exactly had the best of relationships, especially from the beginning when he thought that us going together was a dare, but that's a whole other story. Anyway, we are complete opposites. He's a cold hearted bastard of an Aquarius and I'm a sweet warm hearted Leo. I'm not a very good student and I'm always in trouble when it comes to school work. I'm lazy and I have no confidant in myself at all. I'm short, I look like a geek, and oh yeah, I'm black. Well, I'm mixed with black and Spanish. He on the other had is a proud Mexican who excels in all of his classes. All the girls want to be with him and he has an ego the size of earth, literally. I guess opposites attract, but that's not important right now. What's important is that the love of my life is about to become my step-brother. We're going to be sleeping under the same damn roof. My God! This is so damn wrong.

Maybe I should have noticed the change in my mom and Mr. Gonzalez, but I was so wrapped up in my own life that I didn't. Mr. Gonzalez and my mom were together in high school, but when college came around, they went their separate ways. But when my mom caught my dad cheating on her, he was the only there for her and that was right about when I was 14 going on 15.

And then I met Junior Gonzalez, my school's star football player at the Boys and Girls Club of Hollywood


July 26, 2003

Boy's and Girls Club

Dorian-Jene Garcia stood in line while she waited for James to scan her card so that she could go get a computer. James handed her card back and she quickly took a seat in the far corner. Okay, so she was a slight geek. So what. It wasn't like there was anyone that she had to impress, well, maybe there was. Suddenly, someone put a hand on her shoulder causing her to gasp and jump. She looked up to see Devon, the computer center teacher. She smiled, showing off her braces and then pouted.

"God Devon, you scared the living hell out of me! My heart almost jumped out of my throat!" she exclaimed, holding her hand to her heart for added affect. He laughed and then smiled at her, patting her head.

"Sorry DJ didn't want you to have a heart attack. Where's Lily?" he asked. Dorian's face suddenly got dark and she turned away to glare at the computer screen.

"I don't know and I don't care" she said. Devon frowned, but nodded.

"Ok, well, I gotta go help some of the lil' kids so we'll talk later." He gave her shoulders a small squeeze before walking away.

Dorian didn't realize she had been holding her breath until he walked away. She sighed and turned to look at Devon. Ever since she had been going to the B&G Club, she had become good friends with Devon. She eventually developed a huge crush on him. Then her old best friend from middle school, Lily Anderson decided to ruin everything. That's when she had to share her friendship with him. It sucked. Dorian was about to get to work on her second project when someone came to stand next to her.

"Last Name?"

She looked up to see the most beautiful green eyes ever. She must have been staring at him for a while because he started to laugh.

"Something on my face or am I that hot?" he asked. She snapped out of her daze then and glared at him.

"Garcia" she snapped.

"Garcia?" he said looking confused.

"Yeah, I'm mixed. You gotta problem with that 'cuz if you do-"

"Dorian-Jene Garcia?" he said, cutting her off.

She glared.

"Yes. Anything else you need?" she asked sarcastically. He smirked at her before walking away.

"Asshole" she muttered.

"Who's an asshole and why?"

Dorian looked up again to see Devon staring at her in amusement.

"That guy taking role. He's an ass."

"Why? Did he do something?"

"Yes, he was being a rude fucker." Devon laughed.

"Aw, don't worry bout it. That's just Junior being Junior." Devon said before getting pulled away by a first grader.

Dorian took that time to look at him. He was definitely taller than her. He was slim and had slightly tanned skin, black spiky hair, and beautiful green eyes. He was helping one of Dorian's little friends. Kristy Lopez, a short second grader who was constantly picked on, even by her older sister. Kristy took an instant liking to her and she'd been watching out for the little girl ever since. Dorian would have kept on staring if someone hadn't plopped in the seat next to her.

Dorian spun around in her chair to come face to face with Lily Anderson.


At the time, Lily and I were constantly fighting. She did stupid things and when I came to save her ass, she got made at me. She said that I treated her like a child, but I wouldn't have to if she would grow up. Damn bitch. Drama sticks to that girl like white on rice. Seriously, she believes that it was ALL my fault that her ex boyfriend broke up with her. The girl's a slut and she has boyfriends around the whole fucking world. I still can't believe I associate myself with someone like her. I had never known in the beginning. We met in sixth grade and let's say she was the swan while I was the ugly duckling. Boys flaked to her and I was just the cute best friend, but when eighth rolled around it was a whole new ball game.

Boys began to notice me and I'm not even going to lie, but I liked it. Jealousy was written all over Lily's face when one of her boyfriends took a sudden interest in me. I guess you could say that everything changed between us. She was so mad that I wasn't in the shadows anymore that we slowly stopped talking as much. She hung out with her weirdo friends and I hung out with the populars. Things were good, until someone she was crushing on started stalking me.

I'll talk about that later, my moms calling me. Gotta go clean out the damn hamster cage.