Parting is…

A sweet sorrow,

A good-bye on the 'morrow.

The bittersweet thing that may not have an end,

Something love and hate both may send.

But a long departure without good-bye

Is like leaving something to die.

For in the heart of the leaver knows a pain,

A burden that comes down like rain,

And regret will make the leaver walk down memory lane.

And when the left finds out,

A burden is created with doubt,

A heart may hang heavy,

And loves turns into heartache and envy.

So we part, and I must remember our farewells,

And hope everything doesn't fail,

And now we part with loving memories,

And find paradise and heavenly,

So I say farewell…

To this school which is like a family, big, proud, and kind,

With every member of the family,

A heart of gold you shall always find

And a dazzling flame to warm the cold and lonely.

So I say farewell…

To these teachers who are like a parent in addition to mine

And some students I know like brothers and sisters,

I will always remember them in my heart and mind.

Teachers show us a journey to the next life,

And we, the students strived to complete the challenge, soon return,

Knowing we have tried with all our might.

This did not happen over night.

So I say farewell…

To the years that have passed and our flight that is almost over.

This year will be my last, and time says my year is ending fast.

But I will rise again, and I shall not fear my new family, by always remembering the old.

So I say farewell and I will one day return,

And your lessons will forever burn.

And so I say farewell.