Wet Helicopters


Bright yellow and grey with glints of black and blue

Enshrouded in its neat bubble of

Buzzing hyperactivity

And eccentric innocent indifference,

Leaving a wake of jiggling green and wobbling precariousness

It flounces nonchalantly from stem to stem to stem

Spraying water droplets from each feathery branch

Its beak seems the only steady part of

The little churning mass,

Like the precious, fleeting eye of a



Then after that minute (imagined?) lull,

It redraws its beak in a huff

– Perhaps surprised at the absence of nectar…

Or at the dripping world around it?

Or perhaps simply zipping to and fro between

Tiny glimmering flowers

That only it can see.


Its compact body clings upside down,

Bouncing with the soft protesting branches, and it

Pokes eagerly between the drenched leaves…

Looking almost like a monkey.

Of sorts.

But almost, as one would not normally link

Hummingbirds to monkeys, would they?




And it hypnotises any passer-by who catches a glimpse

(Foot pausing just so on the rain-darkened step)

Who stops there, entranced,


To others' baleful glares

Coloured ignorant

That fail miserably to penetrate the bubble

That has endearingly enlarged

To draw the viewer in.


A/N: Today was one of those rare times when I caught a glimpse of a hummingbird!:) It seemed to be blindly poking its beak amongst rain tree leaves.. so I was rather amused, both at its seeming antics and my very possible ignorance...(do rain trees have really tiny flowers or something?) LOL. So I wrote this poem. I'm a little dissatisfied with this.. somehow it just doesn't sound right. Please tell me what you think!! -gestures sweetly to the review link-

There's another poem inspired from today's lovely raininess in the next chapter, so do check it out!:)