Chapter One
Zsa Zsa and Su-Mee

Once upon a time in New Seattle, there were two girls, one named Zsa Zsa Zigana, and one named Su-Mee Yung. They were very different girls, even though they shared living quarters on Center 13. Zsa Zsa was loud and poppy with cotton candy pink hair and snappy pink bubblegum. Su-Mee was quiet and simple with jet black hair and a soft, musical voice. Zsa Zsa had cerulean blue eyes and a yappy Lhasa Apso named Fluffy-Foo who was always so excited her eyes crossed and her butt wiggled instead of her tail. Su-Mee had almond-shaped brown eyes and two little goldfish named Plop and Mop. Zsa Zsa painted her fingernails pink with a little black heart on each nail and her toenails black with a little pink heart on each nail. Su-Mee painted her fingernails with the clear stuff that made her nails pretty and shiny, and left her toenails naked of any polish whatsoever.

Yet, despite these differences, Zsa Zsa and Su-Mee got along wonderfully. There were a few times when little Fluffy-Foo had tried to eat poor Plop and Mop, but Su-Mee was forgiving and laughed it off patting Fluffy-Foo's soft, sproingy head. Living in Center 13 meant living with a roommate. Zsa Zsa and Su-Mee hadn't known each other when they were assigned their living quarters, Room 2, and at first they hadn't had much to do with each other. Zsa Zsa would check in with January Baker, the captain of Center 13, then go off shopping in New Seattle, collecting more bubblegum and video-taping anything she could.

Su-Mee would stay in Room 2 until about three in the afternoon when she would go out to lunch with her brother, Sun Yung, then come back and do the housework on her side of the room. She never had to check in with January Baker because she, unlike Zsa Zsa, didn't work on Center 13. Su-Mee lived there because her brother did. Sun Yung was the one who worked in the center and bought his sister living quarters.

Zsa Zsa finally stopped going to New Seattle every morning, tired of shopping and exhausted of money, and stayed in Room 2 with Su-Mee. The girls began talking more and found that despite their dramatic differences, they could be good friends. Zsa Zsa started taking Su-Mee out to visit New Seattle every morning and they would shop together, or, more specifically, Zsa Zsa would shop for Su-Mee and give her all the cool clothes. But Su-Mee was showing Zsa Zsa all the Korean shops that she liked to go to as well. She knew many of the shop owners and introduced Zsa Zsa to all of them.

But Zsa Zsa's absolute favorite shop was the one that sold all the candles, incense, dream journals, clothes, accessories, books, and diaries that she loved. Madam Hart's Shop of Wonders, it was called, and Zsa Zsa loved going there. Madam Hart loved Zsa Zsa coming too. She gave Zsa Zsa discounts on all the really expensive items and invited Zsa Zsa to tea sometimes.

Madam Hart was a rather big woman. She said she was just big boned, but she was also big bosomed, big reared, big tummyed, and big in other places too. But she wore big glittery gowns and beautiful, grand clothing, and it seemed to cover up her bigness. After all, Madam Hart was a beautiful woman and being big wasn't stopping the beauty. Her skin was rather pale, but only because of all her powder. She wore bright red lipstick and had a beauty mark just above the corner of the right side of her upper lip. Her blond hair was held in a French twist, Zsa Zsa had no idea how long it was, she'd never seen it down. Madam Hart was a loud woman, but a kind woman.

Su-Mee was welcomed with open arms, literally.

Madam Hart hugged Su-Mee and planted two kisses on each of Su-Mee's creamy pale cheeks.

"Su-Mee Yung?" she exclaimed in her loud booming voice, "I have been waiting to meet you! Zsa Zsa says she wants you to get more candles! I will give you 40 discount!" Su-Mee smiled politely and nodded. "Did you know my real name is Madam! My parents decided to give me a proper name, and Madam was the one they chose. They thought of Miss, Mrs., Mademoiselle, but Madam it was! It's a wonderful business name." Zsa Zsa smiled. She'd heard the story many times, it was Madam Hart's favorite, though she had many.

"Madam Hart, we can't stay for tea, we have a lot of shops to go to," Zsa Zsa said, "Su-Mee has to be back by three for tea with her brother, Sun Yung." Madam Hart pouted for a moment but then smiled and brought out all her candles.

"Take as many as you like, Su-Mee," Madam Hart said, "I will give you half off everything, anything for a friend of Zsa Zsa's!"

Su-Mee chose five candles, two vanillas, two chocolates, and one strawberry. Madam Hart tried to encourage her to buy more but Su-Mee shook her head and said politely that five was enough.

Zsa Zsa and Su-Mee were best friends from that day on.

"What do you think of January Baker?" Zsa Zsa asked one day as she lit all her candles and incense at once.

"I have never met him," Su-Mee said shrugging. Zsa Zsa looked at Su-Mee in disbelief.

"You've never met the man who owns the center you live on!" Zsa Zsa said with a giggle. Su-Mee smiled with her pouty red lips.

"Sun says January Baker doesn't know what he's doing, that he is an idiot," Su-Mee said shyly. She blushed. Su-Mee always blushed when she said anything a little bad about anyone.

"Well," Zsa Zsa said thinking for a moment, "I guess he is sort of an idiot. But he doesn't think so. January is very sure of himself. He's pretty arrogant actually."

"Do you not like him?" Su-Mee asked.

"No, I like him okay, I just don't think he's very smart," Zsa Zsa said.

Fluffy-Foo sat by Zsa Zsa and howled loudly to get her attention. Zsa Zsa smiled and patted Fluffy-Foo's head lovingly. "In fact," she said thoughtfully, "in a way, January's a lot like Fluffy-Foo. He thinks he's really hipster cool but he's really actually kind of dumb." Fluffy-Foo puppy-frowned and barked loudly.

One day in New Seattle Zsa Zsa was in the little shop named The Hot Chocolate Hut, drinking a hot chocolate. As she sipped away at the whipped cream piled on top of the hot chocolate, she saw out of the corner of her eye, a man sitting in the corner of the shop. He was tall and rather well built. His hair was jet black, as black as Su-Mee and Sun's, but he wasn't Korean like them. He was darker skinned, a deep tan dark. He was sipping a hot chocolate too, staring off at something that didn't exist, or there was something he could see that Zsa Zsa couldn't stuck the wall in front of him.

Zsa Zsa fell in love.

She didn't know before if love at first sight was possible but it seemed that she'd found out by accident. This dark-haired, day dreaming, hot chocolate sipping man was the man of Zsa Zsa's dreams. The dreams she didn't know she'd been having until that minute.

Zsa Zsa had never been in love before. She didn't know what to do. Instead of going over to meet this Prince of Hunks, she stood up, gulped down her hot chocolate, painfully as the steamy drink burned the back of her throat, and left in a blushing rush. She knew that the Prince of Hunks didn't look at her but she didn't care. She'd seen him and she could hunt him down by looks alone.

"Su-Mee," Zsa Zsa said as she closed the door of Room 2, "I have found the Prince of Hunks and we have to hunt him down."

Author's Note: This is the first book in a series by the way. It doesn't really have a name, just the Zsa Zsa Zigana Books I guess. I hope this has started out okay, I already know this whole story so it's not going to take as long as all my other stories so not to worry. Please please please review and please be patient as I am back and forth between Canada and home at the moment so even though I do have the story, getting it typed down and posted is a whole other story!

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