Chapter Three
Iorgos Christopoulos

Zsa Zsa glanced at her digital nervously leaning on Madam Hart's table with her elbows. It was about five to six, five more minutes and she would meet her Prince of Hunks. She'd tried to dress to impress, a short lime green mini skirt and a little pink shirt that matched her hair. Her white platform boots went to her knees, making her legs look longer under the little mini skirt. She'd pulled her cotton candy pink hair in pigtails, letting the waves flow free.

"They'll be here soon," Madam Hart said reassuringly, "Salt and Pepper are never too late or too early. They like to be there at the exact time. They're probably driving around the block right now trying to pass the time." Zsa Zsa wished they'd come just a little early but she popped her bubblegum instead and looked at her nails hoping they looked okay. Surely Prince of Hunks wouldn't mind nicely done nails? Surely he didn't like the sad mopey girls who took all that time to paint their nails black then purposely chip them so they looked like they had a hard life? Surely he didn't expect her to wear too much eye liner? Surely the shiny glitter eye shadow was pretty? "You look beautiful," Madam Hart said as though reading Zsa Zsa's mind.

The little bell on the door chimed. Someone was coming in the shop! Salt and Pepper walked in the shop smiling, followed by...her Prince of Hunks! It was him! Salt and Pepper had been reliable after all. Zsa Zsa had been worrying all morning that they would bring in January Baker like in her dream.

"Zsa Zsa, this is Iorgos Christopoulos," Salt said, "Iorgos, this is Zsa Zsa Zigana." Iorgos smiled, straight, white teeth behind the perfect, pouty lips, and shook her hand. Zsa Zsa felt electrical sparks run up her arm when his hand touched hers. This must be love, Zsa Zsa thought, I know people don't feel this normally.

"I've seen you in The Hot Chocolate Hut," Iorgos said, "You know Albert pretty well, don't you?"

"Not really," Zsa Zsa said popping her gum. Salt and Pepper disappeared around the corner looking at candles. Madam Hart was suddenly very interested in the box of money she kept under the table.

"So Zsa Zsa, you're in Center 13?" Iorgos asked, "That's the center that's moving to New Victoria."

"Yup, we leave in a few weeks," Zsa Zsa said wondering if she should consider buying a flat to stay near Iorgos, Prince of Hunks.

"That's great, that's the center I'm flying with," Iorgos said grinning. "I'm a pilot and Center 13 really caught my eye. I think it was the sense that you were there." Zsa Zsa smiled but she wasn't really sure what he was saying. She hoped he was talking about being soulmates, because she already knew that.

"Jeez," Zsa Zsa said, "That's real weird. When did you become a pilot?"

"When I turned eighteen," Iorgos said proudly. "I'm nineteen now, old enough to pilot a center." Only three years older than her, Zsa Zsa was becoming more and more pleased by the minute.

"So you're going to be piloting the center, does that mean you're moving into a room?" Zsa Zsa asked. She didn't know if pilot's had their own living quarters or not, she didn't know any pilots on the center. The only people she knew who lived on Center 13 were Su-Mee, Sun, Ian, Helga, and January. But January got his own living quarters because he was captain.

"No, I just got my roommate today. His name's Ian something."

Zsa Zsa's jaw dropped. What happened to Helga? Or was there enough room for another person? Zsa Zsa had to know, but she forced herself to push the curiousity away until she got back to Room 2.

"Zsa Zsa, it was wonderful meeting you, but I have to go to work," Iorgos said, "I have one more flight to do before I can leave. Would you like to have a hot chocolate tomorrow?"

Zsa Zsa nodded wordlessly.

"I will meet you at The Hot Chocolate Hut tomorrow morning when we're normally there?"

Zsa Zsa nodded again. Iorgos smiled and nodded to Madam Hart.

"Thank-you Zsa Zsa, bye Salt and Pepper, good-bye Madam Hart," Iorgos said. Salt and Pepper waved good bye.

"Bye!" Madam Hart sang out in her loud soprano voice. "Really Zsa Zsa, you have very good taste." She licked her lips to emphasize her point. But Zsa Zsa didn't need any reminders of her great taste. Iorgos Christopoulos was perfect in every way. She was in love and she couldn't wait for the next morning when she would be meeting him. But then Zsa Zsa remembered Ian and Helga and she quickly excused herself and hurried back to Center 13.

She rushed into Room 2 and found Ian crying at the kitchen table with Su-Mee patting his back and whispering it would be all right in her pretty hushy hush voice.

"Ian?" Zsa Zsa asked quietly.

"She's gone," Ian choked out with a strangled sob. "Helga's gone for good this time!" He let out a howl of sorrow and burst into more tears.

"Gone?" Zsa Zsa mouthed to Su-Mee.

"She left this morning," Su-Mee mouthed back. Zsa Zsa made a worried face to Ian who had his face hidden in his arms as he shook uncontrollably. Su-Mee nodded.

"Ian," Zsa Zsa said carefully and put her hand lightly on his shoulder, "Maybe she'll be back."

"She's not coming back," Ian said sniffling, "She said she's gone forever and this time she meant it. I know she's gone, Zsa Zsa. I've lost my Helga-Welga." Zsa Zsa rolled her eyes at Su-Mee but patted Ian's back and said, "You're better off without her."

"No I'm not!" Ian wailed and howled again but was this time cut off and made a strangled gasp then hiccuped. Standing in the doorway was a tall, muscular blond man. His skin was rather tan, his hair swept back off his face. He stood lazily against the frame of the door, hands in his pockets, smirking openly at Su-Mee.

"Mr. Baker!" Ian said in a squeaky voice as he tried to control himself, "How nice of you to come!"

Author's Note: Tee-hee, I had to give Ian that funny, humiliating moment of

Ian: ...I wouldn't really freak out like that in real life. I'm actually based off Dude Ian, the author's Uncle but Uncle sounds too old so she calls me Dude Ian. I don't really wail or anything and I don't have a girlfriend named Helga who pushes me around. My girlfriend's cooler than that.

Yeah, true, but character Ian is much more sensitive and likes to wail and hiccup.

Anyway, I realize that a lot of these names are kind of weird but I assure you they are all real. So I'm giving you a little name vocabulary thing.

Zsa Zsa (ZHAH zhah) - the Hungarian version of "Susan" which means: "lily" in Hebrew; "valiant, swift (and impetuous)" Japanese
Zigana (zee-GAH-nah) - Hungarian for "gypsy"; could also be Tzigane

Iorgos (YOR-gohss) - the Greek version of "George" which means: "farmer" in Greek
Christopoulos (kree-STO-poh-lohss) - a common Greek last name; obviously the "Christo" means "Christ" as in Jesus Christ but I don't know what the "poulos" means

Su-Mee (soo-MEE) - I'm not sure what the "Su" means in Korean but Mee is Korean for "pretty" (I saw in a movie that a Korean girl was named Su-Yeon and another was named Su-Mee so I just decided to call my girl Su-Mee because I liked the sound of it); Mee could also be substituted for Mee-Mee or Mi-Mi. In Chinese Mei means "pretty" as well.
Yung (YUNG) - Korean for "flower"

Salt and Pepper's last names are Och (AWKH; the KH in the back of your throat) and Aye (like the letter I)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy Zsa Zsa Zigana, now that you know how to pronounce her name, and please review!

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