This was written by my nine year old sister, Sam. I was lucky to find this and type it up. She will be mad when she finds out. But I will prove to her that she can write really well. This will probably not be finished any time soon.

"It's not fair!" said Matthew. "Just when we get an early release I get detention! Typical, jus typical. How the heck am I going to tell Mom and Dad?"

"Tell me what?"

Matthew spun around, and his herat sank like an anchor going to the bottom of the ocean. "Hi, dad," he said, "Um...Where's mom?"

"On a business trip." His Dad, Wayne, wasn't to happy, he had a suspicion that Matthew wasn't telling him something. "Um...I'll go clean my room, you make dinner." MAtthew said as he ran up the stairs.

As Matthew was "cleaning his room" he heard a voice, a soft voice. It said, "Set things straight." Matthew winced, "It's just my imagination" he told himself. "Maybe I'll just take a walk outside." While he was walking he saw a little girl and a middle schooler being bullied!