Mother-daughter Bonding


Her words

Heavy dark drifting sorrows


And float over to my side of the room

I cower and close my eyes

I press myself against the insubstantial walls

And I pretend I don't feel

As they encircle my heart

Sending dulled, guilt-ridden throbs

Oozing across the hurting expanse of my mind


When that silence settles in

And she starts



About those times

I can feel the air thicken

Into a melancholy soup

Of solemn saccharine sweetness

And I can't help but drown

Screaming weak unheeded screams

Leaving soft echoing bruises

That fade into bittersweet

Shades of blue


A kind, loving

Spiked crushing embrace

Anguish donning a gossamer covering

Of diluted sympathy

As it leaches into my eyes


It's almost enough to make me physically wince




I hate it

And I can't believe I said that

So I wipe savagely at the ugly

Permanent marker scrawl

Which slipped ghostlike

-how, when why?-

Onto my determinedly-clean whiteboard




Have you never felt like that before?

When you know you shouldn't

But still feel like that anyway

How being a shoulder to cry on

Is not such a noble thing after all


So both sides of me… fight on.


A/N: This is the first time I've tried to really write about emotions.. and I've found that writing something this sad hurts! R/R please?