Laura stared at the little white tube in her hand. She swallowed, gave it a few good shakes and stared at it again. Holy shit. That's why she was getting sick. She gave out a happy shout and checked the tube again to make sure she wasn't hallucinating. Nope. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow!

Laura gave her now flat belly a poke. Could it feel that? Or did it not exist yet? When would she get a huge belly? If it didn't exist yet, then how did the stick thing know she was pregnant? Laura let out a huge giggle. She was so giddy now!

So much was going to change! She could celebrate mother's day now! David would now celebrate father's day! When they sent out Christmas cards three people were going to be at the bottom now. With Love from Laura, David, AND the baby. She would be able to decorate a baby room! They would now-

With a sudden heave; Laura plopped down in front of the toilet and threw up.

Now… how would she tell David? She didn't want to just rush at him when he got home and blurt it out. Plus… she was a bit scared to tell him. This pregnancy hadn't been planned. They had used protection every time. Sure, they talked about it, but they both wanted to wait a little while.

A sudden dread settled in the pit of Laura's stomach. What if he didn't want a baby yet? What if… no, it was David. David likes little kids… well, he likes the ones that can't talk yet. Or move around much. But this was going to be his child. Surely all his thoughts on children would change.

" Hey babe." Laura jumped about three feet in the air. David had touched her on the shoulders. He laughed.

" Jeez, did I scare you?" He asked. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer for a kiss. She loved it when he did that. " What's for dinner?"

" Oh." Laura was an excellent cook. She got an idea. " Oh, I don't know… I was thinking about maybe… BABY carrots with… some BABY sheep."

David frowned, puzzled. " You mean lamb?"

Good god. " Yeah… same thing." Why didn't he think a bit harder? It was hard to tell him. She wondered why. She had to tell him sooner or later. She didn't want him thinking she was getting fat when her belly inflated.

Laura gave up dropping hints a week later. Why did her husband have to be so dense sometimes? She would just have to tell him flat out. It would be a miracle if he even figured that out.

David was getting more and more confused. Laura didn't want to have sex as much anymore. She was afraid that maybe it would harm her baby somehow. She didn't want to risk it until she went to a doctor. Her excuses were that she was too tired, it was too late, or she just didn't feel good.

David saw Laura looking at herself in the bathroom mirror. She was lifting up her night shirt and kept poking at her belly. Laura saw him.

" Honey, do you think I'm getting… fat?" David almost rolled his eyes, but he knew that would've gotten him a smack.

" Of course not." He said; wrapping his arms around her. " If anything, you need to put on a few more pounds."

Wait until you see me in a couple months. Laura thought with a smirk.

Another week passed. Laura was seriously starting to get worried. Why couldn't she just blurt it out? She was being stupid and silly! Hell, she was going to do it right now! She strode into the living room and found David dozing on the sofa, his cap pulled down over his eyes. She tiptoed over and crawled on top of him.

Her belly was on his belly, but she had to inch a little farther up; he was so tall. She relaxed. This was going to be okay. She lifted the hat up and smiled at him.

" Hey sweetie." David mumbled. He saw what position they were in and gave his wife a devilish smile. " Mm… I miss doing this."

" Wh-" Laura laughed, seeing what he meant, and almost fell off the couch. David's hands held her steady at hips until she got back in control. She took his hand and said,
" I'm sorry. I've just been… carrying a few things." Nice choice of words.

David looked concerned. " Like what?" Why did she even bother dropping the hint?

" Well…" Laura licked her bottom lip, thinking of a good way to put it. She said nothing and lay her head on his chest. Bum bump. Bum bump. She listened to his heart slowly throb and smiled.

" I have two heartbeats in me." She whispered. She felt her husband's body tense beneath her.

" What?" Laura lifted her head and met David's wide eyes. She gave him a weak smile. He looked hopeful. Or shocked. Same thing.

Her hand squeezed his. " David… I… uh, I'm… I'm pregnant." There. She said it. What was his reaction?

His mouth dropped, his eyes bulged. Suddenly, a huge smile split his face. He let out a cry of joy and tightly hugged Laura. She laughed, the relief filling her.

" Why didn't you tell me sooner?" David asked. Laura yawned.

" I tried… but you were too stupid to notice." David laughed.

" Sorry… I can't believe it." He said to himself. Laura rest her head on his chest again, feeling his excited her pace.

" There's something else though." She said. She felt him tense again. Right away, she knew he was going to be a protective Dad.

" What? Is something wrong?" Laura nodded.
" I have no idea what names I like."