Chapter 1

"I will and you won't stop me!!!" Angela screamed at her parents. She slammed the door shut in her room and packed her bags.

She had always wanted to be an actress ever since she was little and now they had try-outs for the new fill they were about to start shooting for the summer. Right here in her little town they were having auditions for the movie… Hawaiian Nights . She should have figured her parents wouldn't let her try-out, but the rebellious streak in her said she was. So she would move in with her older sister. Angela, only being seventeen, couldn't get away with too much out without having her parents or the police down her back. Angela thought as she dialed Sara's number; "My life would be so much easier if my dad wasn't a pastor."

"Sara, can you pick me up?"

"Umm…sure where are you going?"

"I'm moving in with you. I already have everything packed so all you have to do is come and get me."

"What do mom and dad say about this?" Sara wasn't the one to break the rules in the house, for the truth was she was their "perfect" child. Something Angela never could be.

"I don't know. They were going to let me last summer. Why would it be any different now?"

"Let me call the house and I'll see what I can do," Sara gave in reluctantly

Later at Sara's house Angela told her about the audition for Hawaiian Nights. She was willing to let me audition knowing this had been my life long dream.

The audition was next Monday five o'clock. Those that signed up got a script for the part they needed to practice. They needed the main role, Julia the seventeen year blonde who loves to dance and comes to Hawaii for vacation. There she meets John; the twenty-five year; tall dark and handsome surf instructor, also known as the dance instructor. All her life Julia had wanted to dance and now she would finally have the chance.

"Sounds really romantic." Sara cooed

"Yep, it also reminds a lot of my life wanting to act, but never getting the chance."

Monday came and Angela rehearsed those lines over and over again. Her sister, who had worked with drama a lot of her years, helped me a lot. The audition went slowly as she watched the director and the other actors, be amazed and frustrated. When it was finally her turn, she was nervous for the first hour, but then surprisingly she started to relax and the audition went awesome! They threw in an extra scene, Angela didn't know if it was because she was doing well or not, but it was the "The Kiss". Julia had never kissed a guy so she wasn't too good at it. On Angela's part this was good, because she had never kissed a guy in front of a camera. When the audition was over the director came to Angela. His name was Jonathan Hoffy; he told how well she did and that they would call her in a couple of weeks to start the shooting and give her the rest of the script.

"Can you believe it? I REALLY got the act! My first movie and it's with Joseph Crawford!" Angela bubbled over with joy.

"Oh, Angela I'm so happy for you! Let's go celebrate! One thing though… Sara stopped … Remember me when you're famous!"

"Sara, you're funny! How could I not remember you, you're the one that took me to try-out. You're the one who wants me to fulfill my dreams and you're also going to be my personal agent."

That was another thing Sara was an acting agent she had been an agent for some of the major actors. Now her sister whom she was pleased with. She knew Angela would go far in acting, just how far was the question.

The End