Three years later

"Sarah honey, you've received a letter." Forty-two year old Zack yelled to his wife upstairs.

"Coming." At thirty- six Sarah was still energetic and a happy mother and wife. Sarah and Zack had three girls: Chloe 14, Jane 16, and Lizzy 18. It had been three years since the tragic death of her beloved sister and her family, but God had given grace in Sarah and Zack.

"Honey, it's from someone in Tulsa, Oklahoma." He stated simply handing her the envelope.

"Tulsa, Oklahoma? Do we know anyone out there?" She opened it and took out the letter and started to read. "Oh my, I do believe I need to sit while I read this."

"What is it? Who sent it?" Zack came over to her side and began to read.

Dear Sarah,

I don't know how to address you, but to be completely honest in what I am about to say. First off, my name is Ashley Henson I am twenty- seven and am a Christian. Over the years I have had many experiences—good and bad—ones that I will never forget. About three years ago I was in Paris (on vacation), and there was a lady about to jump off the tower. No police officer, minister, or any other person could talk her out of it and she jumped. It vexed my soul and I was grieved for many months and still to this day don't understand why it happened. God has a reason for everything even when we don't comprehend. Anyways, I went in search to find her family to see who I could talk to and not until this day was I able to find a relative willing to talk. I pray you will in return write back.

God Bless,


Sarah felt the tears rush down her face as she put the letter on the table.

"Zack, she saw Angela."

Zack took Angela into his arms and let her cry.

"We don't have to return a letter." He said stroking her hair.

"I know, but I want to—just give me time." Sarah walked out of the kitchen and went into the backyard to pray for God's guidance.

"Lord, I don't how a young woman at her age could have ever managed to see that and not go crazy. Thank you, for your help you've given her and my family. Help us now as make a decesion to relive those moments that we want to forget. Give us strength and your love to overcome the devil. In your name we ask, Amen." Sarah felt refreshed and ready to take on the world, but the world would have to wait because she had a letter to write.

Dear Ashley,

to be continued...

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Fellow readers I can't believe how long it has been since I have written! Sorry, I am going to finish this story and I don't know how yet, but it will happen! Give reviews and pray for an ending!