My Prince of Hunks

This is my Prince of Hunks
I don't care if you don't like him

Tell you the truth:
I don't really like him either

But he's my Prince of Hunks
And no one can take him away from me

He's so perfect, so divine
The problem is he knows this too

But that's really okay
Because he's the Prince

Your Prince of Hunks is okay
But no one is better than my babe

Go ahead, try to challenge him
He's just gonna talk about himself

That's all he does around others
But when he's around me he's different

He holds me in a different way
He talks to me with his honey sweet words

He smells like my vanilla-scented candles
He tastes like my yummy little chocolates

I love the way he looks at me
I love the way he talks to me

I love my Prince of Hunks
And I know he loves me too

If you can't deal with it, go away
Your Prince is somewhere else

'Cause we all got our Princes
We all got our Hunks

But this one's mine, so leave us alone
Go find your own Prince of Hunks

'Cause this one's perfect
And I'm not letting him go

Author's Note: This will make a lot more sense if you read Zsa Zsa Zigana, my newest story, but even if you don't, this isn't a serious poem. It's just about how proud a girl is of her boyfriend. Please review!

Luv, Scrunchii

P.S. If you have read Zsa Zsa Zigana, I'll give you a hint as to who the narrarator to this poem is: It's not Zsa Zsa about her Prince, it's Su-Mee...