Irai Seijun

Since Sacredness

Volume One: Reborn – Umarekawaru

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Mada sono you na shimo de watashi no bane no hana sai te iru

((The woman rubs the back of the little girl in her lap.))

Subete ni tandoku de mada hantai suru subete no kakuritsu nitaishite kaika suru

((She pulls her finger gently though the little girl's long wavy hair making the little body stir for just a moment))

Yori utsukushiku naru anata no seimei no michi wo tsudukeru

((The girl's head turns in the woman's lap before falling back to sleep))

Woman: My dear Sekai…? (Smiles)

Opening Theme: Tangerine Dream – Do As Infinity

Zawameku machi ga nemuri ni tsuite
Iiyou no nai fuan ga kubi wo motageru

Yume mo negai mo tsukamaetakute
Oikaketeba ou hodo ni kyori wo kanji ni

Itsu no hi ka itsuka wa kanarazu
Bokutachi no negai wa todoku to

Shinjite iru kara

Alter One – Time

((Rain fell from the sky. Splash, Splash as shoes ran through water. He panted, carrying a long haired figure in his arms.))

'My name is Megamisuru Akira. I've just turned 17 today, August eighteenth. This girl in my arms came from out of the ocean, she was in a large fiery-like orb but once it disappeared; she just fell into the water. What could I do? I dived in after her.'

((He stopped at the front door his house, knocking on it but still being carefully to not drop the one he was holding.))

Akira: (yells) Mother!

((No answer came from the door. This made Akira irritated.))

Akira: Mother, open this damn door!

((The door slams open.))

Akira's Mother: (screams) Don't you talk to me like that Megamisuru Akira!!

Akira: (sweat-drops) Gomennasi… But Mother, we need to help her!

Inside the Megamisuru Household

Akira's Mother: My son… (laughs out loud) …saved a naked girl?

Akira: (blushes and yells) What'd you expect me to do!? Let her drown!!

((Akira grumbles as his mother continues to laughs at him.))

Akira: 'This is my mother, Megamisuru Omiko. She and I live together in this house that is paid for by my "father" who doesn't even live with us. Mother always said that he was never ready to have children so to "help" us he pays for our house and other things.'

((Omiko sighs with relief as she wipes away the tears from her laughing fit.))

Omiko: (sneers) Well, Akira what are we going to do with your naked girlfriend? (giggle)

((A vein pulses on Akira's head.))


((Omiko, again, falls over laughing wholeheartedly.))

Omiko:I'm sorry my dear Akira. (glomps Akira) I just couldn't help myself.

Akira: (grumbles and mutters) What ever you old witch…


Omiko: (glare) What was that Akira…?

Akira: Nothing ma'am. (sticks his tongue out)

Omiko: That's what I thought. (smirks)

((Suddenly the young girl stirs under the blanket she was wrapped in as she lay on the sofa.))

Girl:(whispers) Mama…

((Omiko walks over and looms over the girl placing her hand on the girl's forehead, rubbing it with her thumb.))

Omiko: There, there.

Akira: 'I remember when I was little, mother would rub my head that way whenever I had a hard time falling asleep or I had just woken up from a nightmare. It always soothed me and made me feel safe.'

((The girl slowly opened her eyes, looking up at Omiko. She smiled.))

Girl: Mama!! (glomps Omiko)

((Akira is severely confused while Omiko is enjoying this moment as she cries with tears of joy))

Akira: Mama!?

Omiko: She called me "Mama"… (smiles happily)

((Akira falls over with his feet twitching in the air. Omiko then pulls the girl away and smiles, placing a hand on her head.))

Omiko: I'm sorry my dear, but I'm not your mother. I would remember giving birth to such a beautiful girl. (smiles)


I'm sorry Miss Megamisuru but one of them did not survive and I'm afraid it was the twin girl…


((The girl stares at Omiko for a moment. She frowns.))

Girl: I should know better. Mama died when I was still a child. Domo sumimasen. (smiles at Omiko)

Omiko: Awwwww! You're just so cute! (glomps the girl) By the way, what is your name young lady?

Girl: Oh, please forgive me. My name is Tsusaki Sekai. ((bows her head respectfully))

Omiko: (cries joyfully and hugs Sekai) And she's polite too!

((Akira grumbles and crosses his arms with a vein pulsing on his temple.))

Akira: Mother! Will you cut it out! You should get her some clothes for God sakes. (blushing)

Omiko: Oh right! (giggles) Okay my little Sekai. Follow me.

((Omiko takes Sekai's hand and stands her up with the blanket wrapped around her body. She then leads Sekai out of the room leaving Akira alone lying on the floor.))

Akira: (grumbles) My mother has gone crazy just because of that girl.

((A book hits Akira hard on the back of his head.))

Akira: (screams) MOTHER!!

Omiko: (sings) Don't talk that way about my Sekai-chan, Akira.

((Omiko closes her bedroom door while Akira roars in aggravation. He storms out of the room, up the stairs, and into his room slamming the door behind him.))

Inside Megamisuru Omiko's Room

((Omiko pulls the shirt over Sekai's head then pulling her long wavy hair out from the back of the collar.))

Omiko: There. That'll do for now. But we'll need to go bra shopping tomorrow.

Sekai: Bra? What is a bra?

Omiko: You don't know what a bra is?

Sekai: (shakes her head) Is it some new candy?

Omiko: (sweat-drops) Um, no Sekai-chan. It's an apparatus for your breasts.

Sekai: Oh.

Omiko: You don't get it do you?

Sekai: No. Not really. (sweat-drops)

Omiko: (falls over) Oh well, when we get you one. You'll understand.

(Sekai smiled before she kneeled down on Omiko's futon on the floor.)

Sekai: May I ask you something, ma'am?

Omiko: Of course Sekai-chan.

Sekai: Um, who are you? Where am I? What is today? And who was that boy in the other room, the one you called Akira?

Omiko: (sweat-drops) Well, I guess I haven't really made any of that clear to you. Forgive me. (bows her head) My name is Megamisuru Omiko. Please, just call me Omiko-san.

Sekai: Hai. (nods)

Omiko: That rude boy in there is my son, Akira. You are at my household in Fukui City, the Chubu region. And it's August eighteenth, two thousand-four.

((Sekai stared at Omiko with fear and surprise. Her body began to shake fiercely. Omiko placed a hand on her shoulder))

Omiko: Sekai-chan? What is it?

Sekai: The last time, I was awake… (pause) It was the year 1428, ninety years into the Ashikaga period.

End of Alter One

Ending Theme: My Heart – Meitsu Kiyama

Mada sono you na shimo de watashi no bane no hana sai te iru
Subete ni tandoku de mada hantai suru subete no kakuritsu nitaishite kaika suru
Yori utsukushiku naru anata no seimei no michi wo tsudukeru

Taiyou wa anata ni bishou suru
Anata no chuushin wa itamu
Tori wa anata no ue de takaku utau
Anata no hason wa ochiru
Ame wa anata no hyoumen de sosogu
Anata no karada wa shukketsu suru

Shikashi watashi ga anata no gawa ni are ba watashi wa watashi no chuushin ni nigiru


Akira: Well, this Sekai girl is from the past some how but she doesn't remember how it all happened.

Omiko: But she's so adorable Akira… (glomps Sekai)

Sekai: Arigatou gozaimasu, Omiko-san.

Akira: (rolls eyes) You both make me sick.

Omiko: (throws a book at Akira) Shudup boy! Well, we're going to go shopping. Prepare yourself! (smiles)