Things You Should Know

Know that this moment is true
Though what comes after is uncertain
and my words may seem like lies
Tomorrow, when this second is just a memory.

Know that I am young
-an amateur at love- But passionate.
I'll love you so much in this one moment...
It just might be enough
to carry you through tomorrow,
When I'm gone.

Know that I am impatient.
If you don't leash me right now,
with a kiss or a promise,
I may wander-
Find someone to fan the flames
Rather than douse them with logic.

Know that I am naive,
and sometimes, late at night,
I still dream of true-love,
of fairytales and of you,
my prince.
Even when I'm gone,
I'll still remember.

Know that I am fickle,
and may pout if I don't have my way-
and may still be difficult
if you give me what I want.
But inside I'm so happy
to have you.

Know that I love you
and I want you to have me.
But I am...

I'm telling you this,
because I want you to win,
this silly game of love,
and knowing,
is half the battle.