QB or not QB

Laura Henley looked up at the sign posted outside the school gymnasium. She quickly skimmed through all the sport tryouts, until she found what she was looking for.

It read as follows:

Attention all juniors and seniors of North Valley High:

Football tryouts will be run differently this year. Due to a new school policy, all girls are invited to tryout for the varsity football team.

Tryouts will be held September Eighth at 3:45pm on the field.

Report to Coach Korn.

A triumphant smile spread across Laura's face, as she continued to walk to her first class of the day with her best friend Jessica Leone.

Jessica was a blonde, a blonde blonde. She had long blonde hair flowing past her shoulders in soft waves. Her big blue eyes always held an innocent, cheerful expression. Most importantly, Jessica was never seen not wearing her favorite color, pink. That day she was wearing a hot pink mini skirt matched with a light pink tee and she was chewing a large wad of bright pink bubblegum. Jessica and Laura's friendship was a dichotomy, nevertheless it held strong for over seven years.

After an uneventful first day Laura went to the local gym to workout. She knew she had to be extremely in shape in order to win the most coveted spot on the team- Quarterback. She concentrated on weights and then moved on to cardio.

What Laura failed to notice, was the crown beginning to gather around her.

The crowd started to laugh and comment loudly. Laura turned around.

"Oh you!" She muttered as she saw her annoying twin brother Joey and his entire posse of dimwitted jocks.

"Hey Laura." Joey crowed. "Working out so you could win QB? You know I'll beat you." He taunted.

Laura tried to control her rising anger. She really did. But alas, she could not.

She reached behind and grabbed her bottle of Gatorade- red Gatorade- opened the spout and squirted it all over her unsuspecting brother.

The guys chuckled then laughed out laughed and then guffawed.

Joey was quite embarrassed. As he turned to stalk out of the gym, he shot one last withering glare to Laura.

"Just you wait and see Laura, I'll win and you can go and cheer me on from the sidelines with Jessica."

The jocks cheered in agreement.

"Bye Laura the cheerleader. Can't wait to see you in a mini skirt holding pompoms."

Laura NEVER wore skirts.

For two weeks Laura trained and trained. Never stopping for a break, except for that one time when she went and put Nair in her brother's bottle of shampoo.

The very next day, as Joey's hair began to fall out in clumps, she awoke to the sight of ants crawling all over her bedroom.

And so the war began, and continued, and worsened as tryout day started to loom closer in front of them.

Two days before the tryout, full-blown war broke out in school.

September sixth in the North Valley High cafeteria a food fight broke out. It's said to have been started by Joey Henley; who pelted mashed bananas at his twin sister Laura.

Chaos spread as food went flying, tables and chairs went crashing to the ground.

It all ended rather calmly when the two Henley siblings were led like royalty being led to the guillotine, to the principal's office, they walked away with their heads held high.

In school suspension for a day and the cafeteria cleaned was their punishment.

A sigh of relief swept through out the school; the Henley twins would still be allowed to tryout.

September seventh came and instead of training, the Henley twins were found on their hands and knees scrubbing the cafeteria floor.

Joey had to climb on top of the tables in order to pick garbage off of the ceiling.

As he descended, he slipped.

Laura heard his shriek and ran to help her brother.

She tripped as well.

And brother and sister lay in a tangled web of hands and feet.

A trip to the hospital confirmed what was feared, Joey had sprained his arm, his throwing arm.

By default Laura started the season as Quarterback of the North Valley High Lizard varsity team.

She insisted that her twin brother attend the games to join Jessica and cheer her on.