Her hand shook as she fiercely pulled the brush through her long black curls. She knew of the well-known rule for the curly haired; never brush when dry. Yet, the frizz and poof growing on top of her head didn't stop her.

Then the brush broke. It simply snapped into two jagged pieces. It was unable to withstand the thick unruly curls.

And that's when she began to cry. She slowly slid down to floor, her back against her hot pink wall and cried.

She wasn't hysterical, nor was she shaking. She simply sat there resignedly with tears rolling down her tanned face.

It wasn't supposed to end this way, she thought sadly. Her and Nick had been going out for over two years now. Two years, four months and seventeen days.

Nick was Andrew's best friend, since the day they met in kindergarten. Andrea, who went by Andy, was Andrew's two-year-old sister.

Andrew was close to Alex his older brother, and that left little Andy to be the pestering tag-a-long.

Their parents were odd. They belonged to four different country clubs, so they were labeled eccentric. Ah…the fortune of the wealthy. You see besides the fact that Mr. And Mrs. Andrews -poor Andrew- named all three of their children beginning with the letter 'A'; the Andrews also had a talking poodle.

The poodle did not really speak, but the Mr. And Mrs. truly believed that their little poodle, named Amy of course, had special powers. Not only could it talk, it could give advice. So, the poodle became a therapist, really now! The Andrew parents with all their money were quite well known. Many people, with the hopes of being written in to their will, would pay an exorbitant fee to be psychoanalyzed by Dr. Amy the Poodle Andrew M.D.

The Andrews however, did not feel obligated to place anyone, apart from their children in their will. They believed that these people were coming for therapy, and were receiving it.

In short, the Andrew children were brought up in a weird environment--not by their parents--who were too busy catering to the very busy therapist of theirs. Fortunately the Andrew children were raised by nannies. The children grew up fairly sane, and they all spoke Spanish fluently.

And fortunately Andrew did not go by Andrew Andrews; he was called Drew.

Andy was a tomboy, which was quite the obvious outcome for a girl living with two older brothers. Andy constantly latched onto her older brothers, and emulated them from day one. Alex and Drew thought her to be a nuisance, so they left her out of many things. This only caused Andy to vie even more for their attention.

While other girls her age were busy playing with Barbie's, Andy was catching lizards in her enormous backyard. When those other girls moved on to make-up and high-heels, our little Andy was tackling Drew and stealing the pigskin from his arms.

All in all over the years the three siblings formed a close bond. It was three of them against the world. Yes, their parents were still around. Somewhere. No one really knew exactly, perhaps the Caribbean, or maybe Venice? The siblings had free reign over their large abode. High school parties took place there weekly.

And while Alex and Drew thoroughly enjoyed them, little Andy hid in her bedroom watching TV. Alex would tease her unmercifully about her hiding from the boys.

Andy knew though, that if any of them would start up with her, her two brothers would beat them to a pulp. So, Andy avoided the parties. Even after Alex finished high school and moved on to college, and it was just Drew and she.

The dynamics of the three siblings drastically changed. Alex separated from the two, resulting in the two younger siblings relationship to strengthen. It was no longer the three against the world, now it was, Alex on his own and Andy and Drew took care of each other.

Andy did her time in high school. She tried to join the football team; they didn't let her since she was a girl. They used some lame excuse that she could get hurt or something, they said it was for her own good. Truth was, she was a better Quarterback than any of the guys in school, and after playing with her brothers; no one would be able to hurt her.

Andy was left to sit and do her school work, with only a handful of friends and no sports to play, what else was there for her to occupy herself with? She was a straight A student, she was even Valedictorian of middle school; Drew would never let her live that down. "You?" he'd say, "hah, you're my little sister and you're a nerd." He meant it in an affectionate, brotherly way, but it hit a nerve, a sore nerve. It was true, she was a nerd, but she did not want to be one.

The thing was, she had two choices. One was to join the elite of the hierarchy of the school she could be a popular. And the thing was, she could've. She was decent looking, with her long black curls and sparkling green eyes. If only she would put any amount of effort into her appearance. All she had to do was ditch the jeans and sweatshirts, and tees, maybe use a bit of make-up, tweeze her eyebrows.

And her older brothers were legendary in her school. Both were football captains, basketball captains, for that matter they practically ran the school. And if she wanted to, they would have placed her as one of the rulers, but she did not want that, she didn't want to be "elite".

Andy chose the second option, to be a nobody, a nerd. It worked, until the middle of tenth grade.

Drew and Nick were attending their freshman year of college at NYU. Their apartment was a forty-five minute drive from the Andrew residence.

Nick's mom died when the two of them were in middle school and Nick's dad was a class act alcoholic jerk. They spent a good chunk of their time hanging out at the Andrew mansion.

Nick had a bit of a crush on little Andy. Drew scared the shit out of anyone who would go near her. Nick stayed away. He was friendly to her in a detached "I sort of know you" kind of way.

Andy in general was not bothered that much by her lack of popularity. She rather enjoyed the privacy she had. Roaming through the school hallways, no posse hanging on. Never having to please anyone, except Melissa, Jenny and Lily.

The four were a close-knit group; they hung out together at each other's houses. Sometimes they would sit in starbucks, drink their frappuccinos and laugh as they discussed the ups and downs of high school.

New Year came around; Melissa and Lily were vacationing with their families. Jenny was busy making out with her newfound boyfriend. Jenny had a new boyfriend every other week.

Her loose morals bothered Andy to know end; she kept her mouth shut, because she knew Jenny would never change. Andy did like Jenny, she just felt a bit out of her league and uncomfortable around her.

Andy's mom and dad were on one of their extended expensive island vacations and weren't expected home till March. The thing was, Andy was all alone January first that year, and her birthday was the second. No one would be there to celebrate Andy's sweet sixteen.

Andy rented a handful of comedies, a few dramas and one action movie. She figured it would get her through the next couple of days. She had herself comfortably settled in her room. The cook had prepared enough food to last a week or two; she was set.

Or so she thought.

Drew and Nick crashed into the house, each holding bags and bags of food. And yes, there was plenty of beer too. The boys planned on partying hard that New Year. They placed the overflowing bags on the large dining room table. The maid would set everything up later; she had plenty experience setting up for the boy's parties.

Drew ran through the maze of his house, till he reached Andy's room. Without knocking or even calling out, he opened her door and flopped backward onto her bed. Missed. And flopped back again.

"Miss me?" he turned to face Andy with a smirk.

"No." was her succinct answer.

She continued to watch Rush Hour – for the umpteenth time- and chuckled as Chris Rock taught Jackie Chan how to really dance to "What it is it good for".

Drew joined in, and the two sang out of tune together, "Absolutely nothing…"(They tried to imitate the grunting noises that Chris Rock mastered. They failed outrageously and the two laughed uproariously as they quickly rewound the movie so they could sing again)

Nick walked in. His brown eyes widened with amusement at the picture in front of him.

"Where are you're glasses," Andy asked, looking up at his six foot one frame.

"Drew broke them."

"How?" the many different possibilities of just how her brother would break his friend's glasses ran through her head. What did the two daredevils do this time she thought?

"Well..," Drew hedged, slightly embarrassed to admit to what he had done.

Andy looked back and forth between her brother and his friend.

"Come on, it can't be worse than when you two got busted for breaking into Mr. Haller's house, stealing a couple of playboys addressed to his house and placing them strategically throughout the school."

Instead of laughing the two boys looked even more uncomfortable. Nick shuffled his size eleven feet.

Nick always was the brainy of the pair; therefore he had the sense to avoid her eyes as he told over the mischief and mayhem they caused.

"We were both more than slightly bored, what with exams finished and nothing to do. We decided as a community service to the other students to throw a party."

He paused and then continued the rest of the story came out in a garbled rush. "A cross dressing party. Only, half the people attending didn't know that you were suppose to cross dress. The party did cause a lot of people to come out of the closet, before they even had a chance to realize that the door was even open. Ya..Anyhow.. Your brother over here,"

He pointed to a shamefaced Drew.

Drew wasn't really feeling guilty, but he sure as hell could act as if he was.

"You know how it doesn't take much to get him drunk."

Drew grunted indignantly.

"Drew was having a fine old time when he casually jumped into the college pool, fully dressed, and passed out. I of course was left to do the clean up and had to collect him from the pool. During the painful process, he miraculously awoke and thrashed about, highly not at ease with being held in a man's arms, and whipped my glasses into the pool."

"When did this happen?" Andy asked whilst shooting Drew a deadly glare and gave him a swift kick in the shin.

"Last night," the two replied.

Andy sighed and asked gloomily, "won't you guys ever grow up?"

"Nope" Drew said gleefully and then he grumbled, "Now can you stop with the interrogation and let us watch the movie!"

And so they did. With minimal quarrelling.

The New Year spirit began to permeate the formerly empty home.