New Year's rolled around again and year older Andy did become. Seventeen year old Andy and still no boyfriend.

See Nick was joking when he asked her to be her steady, all in the name of getting a rise out of Drew. And while it did work on Drew, and his eyes-widened slack-jawed expression was entertaining to say the least; no one did notice the sad affect it lay on little Andy. She thought Nick was serious and boy was it a surprise when the next time she saw Nick he was strolling arm in arm with a tall skinny strawberry blonde girl.

The facial expressions on Andy rapidly flitted on and off as she tried in vein to hide her dismay. Yes she hadn't spoken to Nick for a few months, but last she heard they were together. As in a couple. So what was blond and skimpy doing digging her nails into Nick's upper arm and gazing coquettishly up at him.

Ok so the blond wasn't wearing skimpy clothes per say, as a matter a fact she was dressed impeccably, a feat Andy could never imagine pulling off. And what was Nick doing wearing a conservative suit with a plain grey tie with his hair combed over!!! What was vicious boyfriend stealer up to here - was she forcing Nick to act so polite and boring!?

After the first four courses - in the Andrew's abode excessive amounts of courses during a holiday meal was a measure of just how rich they were and no one had the power to stop the age old tradition, because once cook started she never stopped- so they ate and ate and then Andy came to a startling realization.

Nick's girlfriend was not the vicious cow Andy thought her to be, she was actually quite pleasant, and smart and polished and even a bit friendly. Which made Andy all the more uncomfortable as pasted a smile and talked to all around the table. She desperately search for a quick escape, but to her misfortune her dear father who happened to be home that week announced in a booming voice that now was the time for all those assembled to make their New Year's resolutions.

Alex and Susan went first and jointly mumbled something a long the lines of not getting pregnant again - good for them.

Drew promised to finally ace a semester and to choose a major.

Lilly, Jenny and Melissa who showed up two hours before dinner in an attempt to make the Holiday's at the Andrew's house more festive and for the legendary copious amounts of delectable food; announced in unison that their resolution was to *ahem* coerce* Andy into getting a respectable haircut and a brand new wardrobe one that she could actually wear outside in front of people.

Mom and Dad mentioned a memorial fund for Dr. Amy and perhaps the adoption of a new poodle to be trained in the many ways of their cherished Dr. Amy.

And surprise of all surprises... Andy's resolution and she stated it quite resolutely was to accept her friend's resolution and let them do her over - why not she thought as stared enviously at Drew's girlfriend Victoria.

Victoria went next and in a clear melodious voice (drat she even sounded good) vowed to volunteer in the soup kitchen- that get this - she started when she was in middle school- MORE often.

Andy dropped her head into her palms and groaned out loud, and then she slouched as low as she could practically sliding to the floor when Nick went next and graciously offered to finally teach Andy how to drive.

Lily and Jenny grabbed onto Andy's arms and pulled her up as Melissa sent one delicate kick after the other to Andy's bruising shin.

The meal went downhill after that filled with bouts of awkward silences that were punctuated with even more awkward attempts to lighten the meal. It seemed as if no one was able to sit at the table any longer. And for the first time in the Andrew Dynasty History the New Year's meal finished abruptly at 8:27 pm with no dessert.

The four friends lounged across the beds that were pulled closely together in the Red room. The room was awashed in varying shades of red from garish red painted walls to the floral red print bedsheets to rose red carpets to matching red accessories scattered randomly around the spacious room. In light of the room color, the four friends wore some variation of red pajamas to get into the spirit.

The spirit was quite low as they alternately ventured to ease their friend's discomfort. All were in shock to see Andy in such a state. None of them had realized the extent of her affections toward Nick. They knew that she liked him but not that she liked liked him like that - who even knew that Andy liked anybody ever. They were ate quite a loss as to what to do to comfort and after hours of pointless platitudes and sighs of frustration, Lily came up with the bright idea of popping in the good old Rush Hour movie and running downstairs to stock up on armfuls of junk food.

And it helped.

A little.