Bleeding Choirs, Dying Children: This Is My Hell

Screams are ripping up the souls inside my heart
The Satanic choirs are singing and I think that I am dying
The boiling oil pours over the angels of my kingdom come
I am injected with this poison you gave me: the poison called love
Romance is tearing me to shreds, you are my demise

Knives fly in my direction and all but miss me
My loved ones fall down dying and it's all your loving fault
Mothers crying, children dying, this is your heaven
Fathers screaming, infants shrieking, you've brought to me my hell
What was that you said - this is pure happiness?

Thou love me forever, thou kill me in infatuation
This is all your fault - you know it, I am your way home
God is your whore and Satan your mother, you live in your limbo
Caught between life and death, heaven and hell
Do thou take me? Till hell do we part

Bleeding choirs, all the gun fires, is this necessary?
All this death and hurt for me? Suicide take me away
Stabbing innocence with your teeth, drinking all your blood
Love kills, love hurts, hate brings us all the sights we never see
I'm deaf, I'm blind, I hear you, I see you

Taste me, touch me, take me, kill me, take it all away
Hell is all you've given me but I still do love you so
Darling, bastard, love you, damn you, I can't make up my mind
My torture, your desire, you're so seducing, babe, I can't believe it
I have to satisfy my curiousity, you are all that I'm needing

Kill them, break them, save me, love me, let them all suffer
I'm winning, you're losing, you leave, I stay
I will break your Hell and take my Heaven, fulfill my destiny
Love kills all and hate brings pain, I just cannot believe you
Wedding vows, dying wishes, burn me, bury me, till death do we part

Save them, spare them, kill me, lose me, I can't let them die
You're winning, I'm losing, I leave, you stay
I cannot stay here and love you - I cannot let you survive
I kill you, lover, to save my hate, I cannot be hurt again
This is it, my suicide, my blood is my way out, till love do we part

Author's Note: Sorry if this doesn't make sense, but it makes sense to me so I hope it'll make sense to you.