It's More Than Like - Like, I Think It's Love

You can't tell me you haven't seen the way she looks at you
She's so in love with you it's almost depressing

I wish she weren't because she knows how I feel about you
She knows I like - like you, the way you smirk at me

But that's how she is, she doesn't really care, it's just you
And so I'll sithere and wait for you to notice me

I'll wait for your smirk to disappear and for you to realize
I'm more than that girl in the back row of the class

I don't always where my hair up in the big black scrunchie
Sometimes I'm not reading books, I'm thinking about you

But until you realize that there's more to me than meets the eye
I'll just sit here and wait for you know this one thing:

It's more than like - like, I think it's love

Author's Note: I know this was sort of choppy but it was supposed to be. It was based off a crush I had in the fourth grade when I thought that I liked - liked this boy, but then it turned out I "loved him". Stupid now that I think back on it but I just had to write this poem about it. That's why the narrator is sort of youngish sounding.