Falling by the wayside; where
we spent our youths exploring
fumbling clumsy kisses and the
gentle words of love that passed
between us. The silhouettes of memories,
so fragile, fall into place and I recall
the thrill of it all, the rebellion
that we started that hot summer night.

Now that we have grown and spread
our wings and taken flight, I return
to our past; and here, the smell
of you and I, of our breaking
the rules set upon us by our lives
and times, is still fresh and sweet.
Almost like the grass, and I drop
to my knees and kiss the ground
at the place you first took me
into your arms, and sigh.

Moonlight gives way to sunlight
and I can see the way we panicked
- have to be home, can't let them see
that we have broken their rules - yet -
and took our scattered clothing and
left before the town broke out
into the footsteps of businessmen and shoppers
that herald the sunrise.