don't offend the strangers

today she swung into the sky
and slipped into next weekend

& she met the man
with the queen's lace wings
& the fake cake smile
who offered her his hand in exchange for

"hey wait,
you ain't no man,
you got blue pills in your
system & a
hatchet in your back."

sharp observation, girl,
but he's got friends in high places
& they will catch you

a thousand years

it may not matter yet
but time is rubber
& men are vengeful
even if they aren't real
(both, both, both)

run back into yesterday
& fetch the newspapers;

she checked the obituaries
crossing her fingers
perhaps she might see?

a maybe-man with rings on his fingers
with the fake cake wings
& the queen's lace smile

who tried to follow her back;
but landed upside-down

-tiegirl. 22/7/2005

a/n: this looks like the beginning of a dream sequence.