Last installment.... yay...

Prue skipped merrily to Clara's battered old ford. Her eyes alight with happiness, she grabbed Clara by the arm and dragged her towards the car.

"We did it ! I didn't have to speak to him. I escaped." she continued, happily sliding into the passenger seat beside Clara.

Clara just nodded absently, starting up the car. Before she could change gears, the car shot forward slamming into the extremely expensive sports car in front. Clara peered out cautiously, the back of the car was scratched and one of the tail lights was broken.

"Oh… I'm screwed." Clara groaned putting her head on the steering wheel. Prue stared at the crumpled car suspiciously. Recognition dawned on her face.

"Nooooo ! It's Seth's car. I'm screwed." She wailed, flopping onto Clara's shoulder. They glanced at each other, smiles tugging at the corners of their mouths.

"Secret ?" Prue inquired innocently. Clara quickly reversed and sped away.

"What are friends for ?" Clara answered, "Plus If I had to sort that out there would be no time for uh… sleep."

"Ok Clara, I told you, enough with the images !" Prue stressed, grimacing.

"Hey, I hope ya not imagining Noah !" Clara poked her tongue out wickedly.

"Ok… Gross…" Prue wrinkled up her face in distaste.

"He's not gross he's…" Clara began, a wistful look coming over her face.

"La la la la la la, not listening !"

"I think you need some sleep Prue." she giggled, watching Prue scowl.

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