Setting: night time....walking through a park when it starts to thunder and lightening.

The first "BOOM" surprises us, but also stimulates out bodies; the kind of stimulation that needs instant gratification. A series of crackling noises sound off in the sky as frequent lightning illuminates everything from the dangerous sky and the magnetic blades of grass to our eyes and skin. Rain comes, falls and crawls on our skin, dampening our skin and hair and surges a more powerful, exotic energy through our bodies.

Heavily, we make out, grabbing at eachother hungrily. My shirt is soaded and pressed against my naked breasts and stomach....pants clinging tightly against me. Frantically, I unbutton and unzip your pants and yank them down before getting off your shirt as you undo me and peel off my pants and underwear before gettting to my shirt. (which clearly define the shape of my breasts and the hardness of my nipples.) We get down right there on the ground in position. Just as another round of thunder rolls around, you plung deep inside me. We grind against eachother harder and faster than we ever have before; exhilerating amounts of energy we have never experienced are fed to us from the thrill of the storm.

With each thrust, the tension builds inside, driving us wild. We don't care who might happen to see, or who hears the moans and screams... The closer we get to finishing, the tighter I grab you. Pressure from my fingers tips digs into your back. My insides tighten, firmly gripped around your cock. Our bodies shake uncontrollably. At the same time, we orgasm hard, and long-lasting. We can both feel the cum shooting from you to inside me as mine coat my inner walls. Out of breath, we are against the earth. We regain our breath and I roll over to you, taking your re-hardened, full length in my mouth. I suck away and do tongue tricks and head motions you do not expect. Your increased sensitivity intensifies your pleasure. Just before you are ready to spill, I stop and comandigly tell you that I want you to come on me. I start again using my hands when you, once again, orgasm. You spill your entire load onto my naked body; it dripps down my breasts and stomach and a few streams make it down and run accross my throbbing twat....