Between Ingenuous and Iniquitous


Prince Elipsen aka Brian- Brian has no memory of his true self Prince Elipsen, he was kidnapped and brought to another dimension and brainwashed to believe he was a mortal, and watched by his imposter 'parents' aka langoils, mercenaries of the witch, and given all the things every mortal boy dreams of. He is again kidnapped and reluctantly brought back to Azalea to resume his true identity to defeat the witch and save the Princess; with no memory that could be a challenge.

Daisy Pickford-classmate of Brian's who accidentally gets involved when being at the wrong place at the wrong time and gets pulled into the dimension Azalea with Brian. She's an annoying ditz who would rather be at the mall. She has an obviously huge crush on Bryan but everyone in Azalea but Brian seems to fall for her perky charms and angelic cuteness. However there's something about Daisy, for Daisy could be more than the just the innocent girl who suddenly appeared in Azalea by accident…

Ranier aka Ranny- Prince Elipsen's wizardly aide who comes to get him and help him out on his quest to save the princess. He's a short fendger(aka elf) who's very sarcastic and hates his job and dreams of becoming something more than a servant.

Camelie- Sassy fairy that's another magic aide to Price Elipsen who traveled across dimensions with Ranny. She and Ranny constantly battle it out on who has it worse since they're both small(she's pocket size, so she always wins in that department) and servants.

Princess Meria-Princess of the Kingdom of Lenora who has disappeared and believed to have been kidnapped by the Thorn Witch. Her fate rest in the hands of the one she's betrothed to, Prince Elipsen.

The Thorn Witch- She lives and lurks in a high tower covered in sharp rose vines, hence the name Thorn Witch. She is the most heartless, shrewd, powerful, and above all the hideous woman in all of Azalea. No one knows where she came from or who she is, all they know is that she is an evil threat to Azalea and should be stopped at all costs.

Ivor- languid and very vain playboy sorcerer who accidentally curses himself to be a dragon who turns back into man only at night, bored he kidnaps maidens, but he's never harms them for he's a pacifist. He only kidnaps them because it's the "dragon" thing to do, that and it's the only way he can get a girl at the moment. He spends his nights trying to find a spell to take the curse off.


Deep in the dark woods lived a witch hidden away in her tall stone tower covered here and there with sharp rose vines. There she lurked as a cirse on all of Az. They called her the Thorn Witch. Not one knew where she came from or who she was, all they knew is that she must be killed before she could do any harm. For no one in Az could be at peace till that Thorn Witch full of scorn is good and dead. Sad is the ironic truth of the Thorn Witch, the truth that Az does not wish to learn. The very truth of whom this witch is, the truth that the witch is the only one in all of Az who is pure good.

No one is as they seem is the grand land of Az...


"Where's your prince? Shouldn't he be here by now?" a voice in the shadows asked.

"He'll be here, he wouldn't forget about me, he'd never forget me. He loves me and therefore he'll save me" Princess Meria said confidentially with her head up high even though she wasn't so sure anymore, it's been a month now and he still hasn't shown, "He'd never forget me, never" she said once more convincing herself rather than her captor.

"Say it how you want, face it he ditched you," the voice laughed.

"Somewhere out there, wherever he is, he's thinking of me," She said once more.


Somewhere out there driving in his convertible and chatting on the phone was her prince, "I'm heading over to Starbucks right now, I can't stop thinking about their new cappuccino they have. Yeah it's that good" he laughed, "No I'm not addicted, this is only like the third time I've gone today" His friends voice started breaking up, "Listen the reception's bad, I'll call you back."

He took his hand off the wheel to put the phone down when suddenly he noticed the steering wheel start to move out of his control and on its own. His car then acted like it had a life of its own and drove on, "What the hell?" Bryan muttered hitting the brakes. That did nothing and the car continued to drive off the road. The car continued the drive until it reached an empty field and suddenly stopped.

"Think you can escape from us that easily?" a little person abruptly appeared from nowhere.

"You again!" Brian yelled as he rushed out of the car.

"Don't think you can run from us again too!" another voice said as Brian was stopped his feet stuck to the ground, then a pixie was in his face, "Long time no see" the thing that had a female voice said.

"Ahh! Get away!" Brian panicked, "My legs they're stuck!"

"So you can't run off and leave us again" the little person said.

"What are you some sort of friggin' hobbit?!" he spat.

"Okay now that's just rude!" the little person remarked, "I'm a Fendger."

"A what?"

"Oh never mind! The point is, that you refuse to listen too last time, is that we have to take you back."

"Oh god, I'm going insane, I'm seeing little people and fairies! I dreaming, yes this isn't real, it's a dream!" Brian laughingly convinced himself, rambling on and on.

"Not this again," the pixie moaned, "I think we have to use force."

"No, we have to use truth," The little man said.

"The truth spell?" she repeated.

"Yeah, the one that allows a person to see through spells."

"And that will work?"

"Oh yeah, give him a day or two on that and he'll come running to us begging to help him."

"You're sure about this Ranny?"

"Sure as ever Camie."

"Well if you say so, you want me to do the honors?"

"Why not? It's your turn to do magic, and while you give that spell have him appear back in room too, and send his car back," he chuckled to himself, "Let him think this is a dream."

"I couldn't, that'd be so evil of us to do," she mused, "then again he was rude to us…oh hell he deserves a rude awakening!" she chuckled as well as she chanted the spell...