Chapter 6

Brian stopped at the sight of the tower cover in rose vines, looking a mile tall, he stood there agape, "Oh Hell no," he groaned, wanting to turn back, not knowing how he was going to get to the princess with no door in sight and the tower being to high to climb.

"It's you," a voice proclaimed.

He turned seeing no one, "Who's there?"

"You actually came," the voice came from the bushes.

"Yes, why is that a surprise?" He walked closer to where the voice came from.

"What took you so long? She's thinks you're dead. Oh well, better late than never."

"Who? The princess?" He looks for the man concealing himself.

"I'm right here."

He suddenly sees him, a red dragonwith hundred feet long and fifteen feet wide of millions of scales and horns. He was frozen with fear and histrembling mouth finallymanaged a girly scream before running for his life.

The dragon rolled his eyes and sighed, this kind of reaction not being the first as he casually reached out and picked Brian up.

"Don't eat me!" Brian sceamed.

"Why would I eat you? I can't tell you how glad I am that you came!"

"Why? Is the witch bothering you too?" He said as he struggles to break free.

"Is she ever? Maybe with you here, she'll leave me alone."

"Well that's why I came. If you're not going to eat me then can you please let me go?"

"I know she's the reason you're here, it better be or else I'll really eat you. But seriously, considerer me a friend,and I'll do better than let you go, it sure looks like you need a boost," He holds Brian up to one of the window at the top.

"Hey thanks, sorry I freaked out, there's so many movies with dragons who kill and eat people and destroy everything." He walked off the dragon's hand and into the window, "What's you name?"

"Ivor. Please don't slay me, I'm peaceful, well more like a peaceful trouble maker."

"I won't, it's the witch I'm slaying."

Ivor's eyes budged in horror, "What? No! You can't! Wait—" He was too late for Brian was already in the tower on his way to slay the witch.

"Thanks for the lift!"He yelled to Ivor.

"This isn't good," Ivor said to himself, shrinking back afraid of what was to come.

Brian walked through the winding halls. It was cold in the tower, freezing almost, yet this kind of cold Brian felt was from within. Suddenly he heard singing, beautiful singing, an angelic voice. That could be her, he though as he fallowed he voice. He was suddenly frozen as he saw someone standing there at the window, a woman in a floor length purple hood over a lush red gown. She turned and he saw her face. The sight was spellbinding; her face put him in a trance. She was actually a girl, the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, tall with long dark auburn hair and deep green eyes, and tan skin.

"Who goes there?" she said in a low coolly tone. She sees his face is and is suddenly startled, she smiles happily, "It's you, you're alive?"she say breathlessly, her eyes twinkling with hope. Suddenly she shakes her head, as if she's harshly reminding herself something, "I mean, what brings you to my tower?!" she shrieked.

He was speechless and confused, "I.... ah... I'm here to um.... I'm here to—"

"To rescue Meria?" she answered for him.

"Who?" Already he forgot that name.

She started to fume, "Who? WHO?!"

"I forgot who she was? Did I know her? The name is familiar."

"Forgot?! You forgot?! Here I thought you were the type to have a one true love you'd risk everything for, but I see that you must have so many 'one true loves' that you lose track, is that it?!"

"Oh yeah," he then realized,"that princess I was ordered to save, of course!---You didn't kill her right?"

"'That princess'? That's what she was to you? How could you make that poor girl wait, all alone? And you're here by an order? What kind of prince are you? Well I'm sorry saving her is such a chore," her green eyes were firery with rage,"but what I'm going to do to you will be far worse and---"

"You have pretty eyes," Brian admired out loud.

She was thrown off guard, "What?"

"They're like emeralds glowing in front of a midnight fire."

"Oh no you don't! You---You---Die!!" She starts throwing bolts of fire at him. He dodges them as if he was playing dodge ball. "You said you loved her and that nothing but death could keep you from her! She waited and waited for you, and you never came! She thought you were dead, and therefore, she died! Alone and miserable, and where were you?! Don't tell me, I don't care," She yelled as she threw one after another at him.

"Look lady I'm sorry!" he shrugged nervously.

"You're sorry?! I'll show you sorry!" With a strong force, Brian was pushed out the window.

He was luckily caught by Ivor, "That sure looked like it went well," he scoffed.

"Who was she?"

"The witch," He puts Brian down on the ground, "She kind of has hard feelings, you know?"

"She's the witch? No," he looked up,"I have to kill her. Her? It can't be."

"Does that mean you will be back?"

"Will I be back?" He laughed, "You won't be able to be able to keep me away."

"You still going to slay her then? Even after...?"

"Slay her? I can't, I may have known her for a few minutes, but I think I'm in love," Brian exclaimedblissfullyremembering her eyes.

"Really, even after she threw fire at you?" Ivor asked in disbelief.

"What can I say? She likes me, I guess that's her way of flirting."

"No, I think that's her way of saying 'get the hell away and die!'"


"Listen, I think it'll be wise if you just stay away from her for awhile, give her time to cool down." Ivor lightly pushed him to the stone pathway.

"Why would I want her to cool down, let her be heated about me."

"Seriously, she just tried to kill you, I'd back off."

"She's just playing hard to get." He started back to the tower.

"You better leave." Ivor got in his way.

"Are you kidding?"

"Not this time!Go!" He pushed Biran again.

"I'm not going anywhere!"

"If you don't leave her alone, so help me, I'll…eat you!" He fakedgoing at him with a weak roar.

"Okay, I'm going, tell her I'll be back," He backed off, being the sissy prince that he currently is. He looked to the window he was recently thrown out from, "very soon!" He called out to her. Ivor pushed Brian aside as the spotwhere he stood was hit by another fire bolt. "See what I mean?"

"Go!" Ivor ignored him.

Brian was running away and suddenly came crashing into Daisy.

"Daisy! What the hell?! Did you follow me here?!"

Daisy ignored Brian and hugged him tight, "Brian, thank goodness you're all right! I thought that ugly thing was going to kill you!"

"You saw her?" He pushed her off in disgust.

"Yeah through the window. By golly was she ugly!"

"By golly? And what era are you from?"

"You saw her too, did you also think she's the ugliest thing ever!"

He started walking away from Daisy, "I don't know what you mean. I think she's beautiful."

"What!!! Brian Wade, how can you think that evil thing is the least bit pretty?!" she jumped in front of him with her hands on her hips.

"Well she's prettier than you that's for sure," he stepped around her."And how do you know she's evil?"

"Because, she's too ugly to have a heart."

He stopped and looked at her, "That's the dumbest thing I've heard, everything living has a heart."

"Fine, she's too ugly to love."

"How you look doesn'tdetermine how you love."

"Oh please, she's a monster, too hideous to feel anything. It's like what my Aunt Ethel always says, the outside reveal everything in."

"I swear you are so dumb, even as dumb enough not to think for yourself and believe everything you hear. How do you know all ugly people are evil? They didn't choose how they look like someone chooses how to act, and if they are evil it's only because of people like you who ignorantly assume and mistreat them because of the way they look, driving them to act evil!"

"I know what I saw, and today I saw an evil and hideous witch!"

But what Brian saw was far different for he was the only one who saw the truth…

"And I know what I see in front of me. The witch isn't hideous, in fact, she's the most beautiful creature I had ever seen, and if you can't see that, then you're heartlessly blind. It isn't one sight that tells all, it's one act, and judging by this, you are the hideous one."

He walked off leaving her standing alone. Daisy waited till he was out of sight before looking up at the tower, also standing alone in the distance, and giggling to herself as she skipped off singing...

"Meri, Meri, quite contrary

How does your tower grow?

With jagged woes

And evil spells

And a village full of foes."

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