This piece is very special to me, in that is means so many different things, it reflects my feelings on terrorism, abuse and emotion. Its creation came about after the bombings in London and Egypt but its true start was today, July 24, 2005. It's a dark piece and it reflects my own emotions but it is not a sermon for 'the war against terrorism', though links can be drawn and yes i kind of is, it is an expression of dark places in me, the feeling I sometimes get at night.


Within the coming darkness of the world,

at night I reflect,

it is a feeling that may place us in the grave;

I can feel the air rush across my face,

its soft and comforting hand easing me into the darkness,

like a dream upon floating clouds,

I look up,

to see the once great circle of light begin to shrink,

I feel the fall,

I am falling,

falling into darkness

as my spirit claws desperately toward the light,

the darkness consumes me,

I am left alone within my self,

seeing nothing but the darkness of life's emotions,

I can feel the darkness's nails scraping my skin,

crimson life leaks from my body,

it fly's toward the light,

I plummet into the depths of my self,

an empty void waits for me,

claiming me,

Night is not darkness,

as a shadow is not black.

so then this empty space inside me,

that mine eyes confirm.

I'll always remember I was changed,

in places no one will find I will hide,

what is me,

what it is to be,

my soul feels old and weary aching for rest,

with a heart young vibrant and new,

the burden of time brings knowledge of the things of old,

a lost soul,

a reincarnation,

my heart is troubled but me soul is free,

I regret nothing yet its tears find my face,

falling in the dark,

a life is not taken,

not yet at least,

but its light is dimmed.

Now when we recall,

a lifeless journey of fate.

As we await the entrance into the grace of light,

our time is not yet,

it is the speed of will that brings about death,

it is ones fear of life that consumes them,

but in the darkness the terror can not be stopped,

in the darkness the tears of,




are lost.