The story begins with an actual event: a summer afternoon in the back seat of a truck outside a Barnes N' Noble in the year 2005. Two girls, really close friends, talked away about intelligent conversation but one, Ashley, took the conversation to a lower level like she was so apt to do.

"Vivian, since you love metro-sexual men so much, just to spite you I hope you're reincarnated as a man," she said.

Vivian smiled as the wheels turned in her head. "Then you can be reincarnated with me and we can check out guys at the mall easily."

"That's not what I meant," Ashley said stumbling upon her words.

"I know, but you have to so you know whether or not I do," she replied.

Their conversation carried on until Vivian's dad entered the car upon when they were laughing nervously and returned to safer subjects in his presence but no one could take back the creation of two characters: Ashton and Victor.

Ashton and Victor were then weaved into a story of Ashley's known as Vice and Virtue where they are forced to live backwards in time. And then, late one night, when the funniest conversations occur between these friends at a sleepover, while listening to Ashley explain her story, Vivian came up with an idea of what would happen to Victor and Ashton after the story ends. Thus, after becoming addicted to this idea, Ashley and Vivian weaved a story. Its title isn't stable just like its purpose, unless you count for it to entertain you and make you laugh to no end at these two characters.