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Shadowed Echo

Today was a special day. Today was the fifteenth birthday of Deis, youngest daughter of Sasha, leader of the Iacto clan. The celebrations were over and the private ceremony of the magic wielding aristocracy had begun.

Deis was nervous. It was widely known amongst those of Iacto, that when a member of the royal house reached the age of 15 they had to go on a quest. The specific details of said quests were not known to the public, but Deis knew.

"Come hither and choose, young royal." her mother, Sasha's, voice softly spoke the ancient words in accordance to the tradition, and gestured to a casket lying on a table filled with precious stones.

Deis' whole family over the age of fifteen, the aristocracy of Iacto were watching her every movement. They were curious as to what the young royal would do, they themselves having been in the same position before.

Deis stared into the bowl not knowing what any of the stones were or what they did. Royals were only educated on magic until after they had proven their worth by doing a quest.

There were around ten different quests a young royal could be given. Deis had to choose four stones to help her reach another clan and bring back proof of doing such.

The quest was horrendously difficult as her mother idea of a map was pointing and saying 'around that direction lies the daemons clan'. Deis sighed and inspected the stones more closely.

A stone that was an endless blue she felt she could sink into, caught her eye.

"That one." Deis selected, pointing at it.

"The Lapis Lazuli," her mother named it, picking the large stone up and handing it to Deis carefully. "The stone of awareness." Every stone had a property that a magician could focus on, and use his or her will with to cast a spell.

Only those of the royal house within the clans had the ability to use magic. The Iacto's magic was used through the stones. All you had to do was find a way to link the property of the stone you were using to the effect you wished to have and use your will to do it.

"Choose a second." Sasha intoned. Deis slipped the Lapis Lazuli into an embroidered pouch and turned her attention to the bowl of stones. Again she was drawn to a stone, this one was green in mottled swirls.

"That one." Deis repeated, showing her mother the stone she had chosen. Sasha smiled as if proud that her daughter had chosen that particular one above the others.

"Jade," Sasha approved. "The stone of healing." As Deis was handed the stone she stared at it, the jade stone was beautiful as all the others were but somehow it seemed comforting.

The leader of the Iacto clan asked Deis to choose a third. She searched with her eyes through the casket to find another that called to her. She looked over a black stone even though she was drawn to it, the stone seemed dark and foreboding. She chose a blue one, all shiny and clear looking.

"Moonstone, the stone of reflection." Her mother told her. As Deis lifted it, the moonstone caught the light and reflected it, shining like a small sun.

Deis returned her sight to the stones, trying to find another that seemed right for her. After minutes of looking the only one that called to her was the dark one which she didn't want, for some reason. She almost chose a bright yellow stone, but realised that would be wrong.

Resigning herself to her fate Deis pointed and nodded to the black stone. Parts of it reflected the light, but other parts seemed to absorb it.

"Obsidian," Sasha stated hushed, a low murmur filled the room. "the stone of sharpness."

Deis was faintly surprised, she knew about obsidian. It was the stone that took a lot of strength of mind to use. Obsidian was the main battle stone, used to make blades sharp enough to split an elvish hair. It nearly always needed to be used with another stone, but all of the Iacto magicians had certain respect for obsidian.

"Take up your pouch of stones." Sasha ordered. Deis picked up the now heavy pouch that contained the lapis lazuli, the jade, the moonstone and the obsidian. She fastened the pouch to the right side of her black leather belt in a way so that it wouldn't bang against her thigh when she walked.

"Take your weapons." Came the next instruction. The young royal took a sword in a maroon sheath and wore it at her waist. Then she stowed in a bag an assortment of other weapons including a bow and arrows, a stake and a silver knife. Servants came forward and took the bag away so that it could be strapped to her horse.

"Go do thou quest, young royal." Sasha commanded. Then she wrapped her arms around Deis. "Good luck Deis, come back to me soon." Cried the mother to her daughter. Deis spoke to no one as she mounted her white horse and rode off. This was what tradition commanded.

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