Find the Way


In the beginning so soon

Trusting the rhythm of time

To carry on hope's gentle tune

Leaving the path for us to find

It simply wasn't long ago

When we walked the darkened trail

Trotting into the unknown

Yet, determination never did fail


If one day you become lost and alone

Just believe, no matter what they say

Search the depths within your soul

You'll find the way


Right now, I hum a forlorn melody

Remembering with a sigh, precious memories

Even time cannot erase reality

Only to leave me pondering in reveries

It maybe so, but I won't give up

Fighting past the sorrow within

I walk on into the unknown

My journey will now begin


If one day desperation overflows

Reach into your heart and pray

So that courage washes away all sorrows

No matter what

You'll find the way


July 17, 2005


A/N: Poem written indedication to request by silentescape, the topic was "Soul strength", i hope you enjoyed it as much i enjoyed writing it... side bar, it was written on my birthday :D