Humanity has always been driven to explore, mostly by their own curiosity. We're motivated by exploring new possibilities, new ideas, new worlds. By nature, we want to know more. This life and this existence never seems to be enough. Some say we're destined to do certain things, like wander the stars and trek across new dimensions and existence's. Others say we should stick to the present rather than worry about what we're "destined" to accomplish. However, no matter what, history and the present have proven that we're genuine explorers. Stem cell research, the space program, learning to clone more complex things, and teleportation of objects are all examples of what humanity is trying to achieve in the present day. Past achievements include the scientific revolution during the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, splitting the atom, the inventing of the printing press so long ago. We can't help ourselves, we're curious.

Enough with the examples, though. My personal opinion is that humans are explorers by nature; I agree with the "destined" theory. We need to explore; try new things. Without taking a risk, we will never know the answer to certain questions. Which is why I'm puzzled as to why humanity has suddenly...stopped exploring. Yes, we're exploring new sciences and new technology, but that's not what I mean.

Let me use a present example, one that hits close to home on this site: Fictionpress itself. Fanfiction and Fictionpress are owned by the same people, and there is a rule making one very different than the other. Here's what I don't get though. No one is willing to try and merge the sites and have a unified site where what to read is the user's choice. I admit, it would take a great deal of work to categorize a site like that, but my opinion is that in the long run, a merged site would go a long way towards allowing good writers to showcase their work for anyone to read, and not have it herded off to separate sites. It would also go a long way towards getting rid of the prejudice in Fictionpress writers.

In my time on this site, I have started losing count of those people that have said, and they say it's a fact, that ninety percent of Fanfiction is garbage. Is that true? Maybe, I don't know. I haven't read ninety percent of the world's Fanfiction, and neither have the people who say that it's garbage. To those people: have you read ninety percent of the world's Fanfiction? I doubt it. You are not psychic, and you haven't read ninety percent of Fanfiction, so please show some respect to those writers by reading their works before calling it trash. That's like calling a food disgusting before tasting it; the food may look bad on the outside, but who knows what the taste it like.

Which leads me to my wonderfully controversial Star Wars story. It's still on this site, with a disclaimer, and hasn't moved, and I'm updating it whenever I get the chance. I'll say this: it is a Fanfiction, and is on the Fanfiction site. It also is breaking a rule on this site. And I've been told that's wrong. Told it's wrong. Yet I've seen nothing else that also tells me that, besides the users.

No one can effectively predict the future. None of the users on this site know what is going to happen tomorrow. They don't know what they'll do, they don't know what the weather will be like, and they don't know what effect my story will have on Fictionpress. Do I know? No. Is there anyway for either me or the users to know what effect my story will have? No way, because we can't see into the future. If we could, then what would be the point of exploring? There's no telling what my story might do to Fictionpress. The results could be great for it, or bad for it, in the long run. Now, I agree, a rule has been broken, but that doesn't mean that action is wrong. How could you prove it's wrong? You can't, because you can't possibly know what effect it's going to have because you can't predict the future. Yeah, the reviews are pretty bad, not for the quality of the story though. Most of the reviews simply say it's wrong that this story is here. How do you know that though? For all you know, this story could be the best thing to happen to Fictionpress, and for all you know, it could be the worst. Either way, you don't know, so instead of complaining about it, why don't you wait and see? That's what I tried to do, but you flamers ruined the attempt. Just because a rule is broken doesn't automatically make the act wrong. If that was the case, then I guess runaway slaves were wrong, not to mention the founding fathers of America, who all broke rules that, at that time, were considered just and supreme.

Moving past my story for a moment(stress on "for a moment"), guess who are usually the biggest explorers of all humans: children. When we are younger, we're always exploring new things. We always want to know where this road leads to, or what this button does, of what is this thing and what does it do; we search for new answers to all our many questions. And then....we stop. At a certain age—some do it quicker than others—we just stop. We call it "growing up," a phrase which many people have applied to my actions on this website, while completely ignoring the stuff they've done to me as well. If growing up means that I have to sacrifice my will to try new things, then I don't mind being a kid, because I can be responsible and still have a little fun.

My story is a new thing on Fictionpress. By new I mean that no one has ever fought this long for a FanFiction story on the site. Is that necessarily a wrong thing? Maybe. Can anyone possibly know whether it's a wrong thing? No.

Call this another complaint if you like, but a lot of changes wouldn't happen if no one complained about the way things were. Mind you, I'm no revolutionary who's trying to make a name for himself, as many users have called me, amongst other names. I am just a simple writer, who doesn't want his story called garbage simply because it's a FanFiction.

I realize that I have been just as harsh as many of the people who have attacked me, and I apologize for it and take back all the nasty things I said about certain users on this site. Returning hate with hate is never the good way to handle anything. Thus ends my rant.