If it takes a year for all the kinks to be worked out, then it takes a year. No successful change ever happens quickly. I go back to the example of America. Were we immediately successful after the Revolution was over? No, it took us several years to come up with a working government. Before that, though, governing was a disaster. Colonies were governing themselves. The Articles of Confederation, save for the Northwest Ordinance, were a complete failure. Yes, it would take a great deal of work to make a merged site successful. That goes without saying. However, in my opinion, it's the right thing to do, so that all the writers on both sites are given equal judgement and equal respect. I'm willing to wait a year if that means that FanFiction writers will get the respect I think they deserve to have for their stories.

I stand by my argument that no one here can effectively judge a piece of writing. That's not to say that no one can judge a story, it just means that that judgement cannot be acknowledged as above an amateur criticism. That is because you may think something is a terrible story, and someone like J.K. Rowling could think its brilliant. Opinions are universal, they are individual.

In my defense, I am indeed eighteen years old. I ask that you all not try and guess my age based on my writing, because I know of eighteen year olds in my own city who can't even read or write, so guessing someone's age by their writing isn't necessarily the most accurate judgement. I promise all of you, I am eighteen. As a second part of my defense, I write what I feel in these essays. If they are the talk of the essay section, then that's not my fault. I just write. Any spotlight that comes on my story comes from the reviews.

I have recognized the merits of the other side. You all have said that breaking the rules was wrong. I have acknowledged that argument and are argued against it. You all have said that my story is FanFiction, and being thus, has no place on FictionPress dot com. I have acknowledged that my story is FanFiction and argued back about where I think it belongs. You have all told me that I think I claim to own certain things that George Lucas created. I have acknowledged that argument and argued against it. From what I've seen, those are the only arguments that you all have thrown at me in relations to my story, and I've acknowledged and considered them all.

I agree that I assumed that you all said that original fiction was better. That is because most people were judging their stories as superior to FanFiction based on technicalities in the FanFiction, or so it seemed. Excuse me, but its hard not to guess that when writers say that 90 percent of FanFiction is crap and then don't judge the work on their own site.

As for the proud argument. You all have said many times that this system is good and fair, yet you continue to judge FanFiction stories as crap based on their technicalities, which isn't a very fair judgement at all.

So now a majority of the stories written on FictionPress are only about fourteen and fifteen year old kids who are writing about their boyfriends and girlfriends? Pardon me, but I didn't know that was what the fable section was about, or the science fiction section, or the horror section, or the western section, or the...

If a piece of writing didn't have any effort, then that writing wouldn't exist. Every piece of writing takes effort, be it little or great.

I have been told judging something by a technicality is not weird, but logical. We should all know that other people have said this too. Most of them said it when then were whipping black slaves to death.

Let's say I wrote a story that involved Fred, Carter, Christine, and Amos, and the planets Parlath, Gingis, and Dunna Six. The plot behind this story was that Fred, Carter, and Christine have to sneak in to the planet Parlath, steal a object, then run off to planet Gingis, all while Amos is chasing them. Amos catches up to the three, fights them, and fails to kill them. The three then sneak off to Dunna Six, where Amos eventually catches up to them and is killed by Fred. Now let's say that story was three hundred detailed pages long, and after I finished it, I posted it on FictionPress and got good reviews. Then one day, I decide that that story would be a great Star Wars story. So I change the names and personalities of Fred, Carter, Christine, and Amos to the names and personalities of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader. I rename the planets Parlath, Gingis, and Dunna Six, into Endor, Tatooine, and Hoth, with each planet having it's usual characteristics. Now that story has become a FanFiction. However, does that mean that it took any less effort to write in the first place, or any less time, or any less skill, or was any easier?

Let me use another example. There is a story in the science fiction section of this site called the Paradise War. From what I've seen of it, it is very good. Not only have I read parts of it, but I've also read the tons of reviews that hail it as one of the best stories on FictionPress.

Now what if, one day, the writer of the Paradise War decided to make his story into a Star Trek story, but all he/she changed were the names and personalities of the characters and the settings. According to what most believe on this site, that story has now become a piece of crap, even though nothing else in the story has changed.

Then, what if the writer decided to change it back to what it was before, and took away all the Star Trek stuff. Would the story suddenly be golden again, even though barely anything has been changed at all through this whole phase?

That is why, in my opinion, it is not logical to judge stories by technicalities, because technicalities can be changed in a snap, while a majority of the story's quality remains the same. Original fiction could become FanFiction in a snap, and FanFiction could become original fiction in a snap.

On an individual level, yes, we can decide whether or not something is crap. But what we all have to realize is that is just an opinion, not a fact. Even if we read all of the stories on FanFiction and they were all crap to us, that would still be just an opinion, because someone could come along, read all those stories, and think they are all brilliant, and that person's opinion would have just as much credibility as ours.

I honestly believe that there is not right and wrong. Right and wrong is all in the eye of the beholder. No do I like to believe that? In all honesty, not really. I would love to believe that there is a genuine right and wrong for everything, but the truth is that there isn't. No one can prove that there is, because somebody could come along and argue that what we think is right is actually wrong. That person would have the same ability to think and us, therefore his/her opinion would have just as much credibility as ours. It's not the easiest thing to hear and take, but it's the truth. I promise you, I am not telling you this because I think I'm some know-it-all. I am not. I have thought this through many times, looking at both sides of the argument, and my conclusion is that there is no factual right or wrong(except when it comes to science and nature). Right and wrong is all in the eye of the beholder.

The Bible is not the truth. In my opinion, it's a very moral book, and a great deal of what it teaches are good things to live by. I think a lot of what the Bibles is right. But just because we think something is right doesn't mean it's the truth. And just because our laws are based off the Bible doesn't make them the truth either, because those laws can be changed at any time. If Congress wanted to, they could take away the right to free speech. To add on to this argument, no one has proven that God actually exists. And while it's entirely possible that he does exist, until it is proven, his sayings in the Bible can't be passed off as truths, because they come from a source that might not be real.

I never said I am right and you all are right. I said that I think I'm right and you all think you're right when your voice your opinions. That scenario is totally possible, and either of us could be right.

I cannot refute the possibility of us living in the Matrix. That's an interesting theory. However, the user that stated that argument didn't shatter science and nature like he claimed he did, because in the world outside the Matrix, science and nature still exist, therefore their laws still exist as well.

First, let me say that I acknowledge this users rational reason as to why Fictionpress is better, as the opinion that it is, and respect it. In this users opinion, my reason is the coward's way out. Okay, fine. That's just your opinion, and is not a fact. However, we can have a little fun. Let's assume that it is a fact that "But you haven't read everything!" is the coward's way out. Does that make that statement any less correct? Nope.

No one can know the truth. No one can know what is right. Let me see if I can make this clearer. Truths can't be changed. Opinions can, therefore opinions cannot be truths in any way.

Rules and laws are not truths, because they can be changed. The rule that says FanFiction can't be on this site can change. The law that gives us free speech can be changed.

Breaking a rule is wrong? That's the truth? I feel a little insulted by that, not because I believe that it's not the truth, but because the user that said that just insulted a lot of people I respect. That user just insulted the hundreds of slaves who died trying to run away from their masters. The user also insulted all those people who were slaughtered in the aftermath of the French Revolution for believing something that the government didn't. Finally, this user insulted all the men who died in the American Revolution, fighting for a free country. All those people died because they broke a rule. I guess they were all genuinely wrong then.

Everything cannot be debated. We can try, but we'd fail. No one can debate drowning. You can try but you're going to lose if you put drowning to the test. The color of the sky is a debatable issue because there is no set color for the sky; it changes color as the day passes. Certain facts exist, though, that cannot be debated. If you try to debate, you're always going to lose because ceratin facts, like truths, cannot be changed.

I exist. That isn't debatable because I can prove that I exist in an instant. Hopefully I don't need to though.

Sincerely and whole-heartedly,

Raptor 7435