VOID99 Presents: Endless Sleep

(This is dedicated to my Grandpa who passed way at age 69 in the hospital on July 25 2005 at 4:25am)

Here I lie, trying to wake, an endless sleep where there is no escape.

Hearing cries, but cannot see, as my life slips away from me.

This hospital bed is my home, lying still as time passes and I remain alone.

Living at the edge of death, living a life of unwanted rest.

Feeling pain, yet unable to scream, silent tears, remembering my lost dreams.

My life has been long forgotten, abandoned hope of any conscience.

IV bags surround my soul, keeping me alive as I merely grow old.

I pray for death, day by day, but they keep me alive, so here I'll stay.

Family gone, friends forgotten, nurses watch me and prevent me from rotting.

They take my blood for test after test, prolonging my life long after death.

The peace I want will never be, forever in this bed of misery

So I still lay here, trying to wake, an endless sleep is my unwanted fate.

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