Storm of emotions

Drops from heaven, fell from the sky. Spattering on the sidewalk, like crystals shattering. People pushed and ran, shielding themselves from the disrupting power of the tempest. Rivers of rain running down their faces, leaving tracks on well worn skin. Makeup smeared appearances long abandoned. Umbrellas no longer able to stop the onslaught of rain. Water blurring their sight, lightning tearing the sky apart. Thunder chorused it's warning to anyone who dared defy the storm.

She stood still. Tears diluted with the rain. Brown hair plastered to her heart shaped face as more and more rain seeped through her layers of clothes and chilled her soul. Her heartbeat drowned out by the thunder. Shivering as lightning illuminated her face, betraying every emotion she felt.
He stood facing her. His face expressionless. Raven hair falling over his forehead. Long coat hanging loosely off his lithe frame. His steely onyx eyes unfocused, blurred. Lips moving softly, murmuring words long forgotten. Wind whipping his body, trying to break him, twist him to its will. He would not bend to the wind. He fixed his eyes on her shivering form. Lightning shimmering in his eyes, leaving imprints of her silhouette burned into his memory.

She reached out to him, petit hand offering tranquility, her call to him fading from her soft lips. Her eyes begged him to save her. To shelter her from this storm. Shadows around them merging into the background. Darkness surrounded the figures. Flashes of light, glimmering hope lasting only a few seconds.

He stepped towards her, now they were only a few paces apart. The wind moved round them now, dragging them closer. Her hand brushed against his face slightly, fingers gently grazing the rough stubble. He held her gaze, hearts melting in each others eyes. No longer did the storm howl and screech. Perfect silence between them, spinning in a storm, emotions rising. He captured her soft lips. Icy coldness mingling with the fiery warmth of their heated breath. Her hands, running through his silky hair, they were still spiraling caught in the tornado of sensation.