Hunting demons with a spear

To chase away all my fears.

Laugh as the blade strikes my arm.

The demon screams, blood shows alarm.

Hunt away through the night.

Without mercy the demon fights.

I try to feel, remember how?

The demon just won't allow.

Fadeless breathing, doomed or dead?

Born to live? There's a bounty on my head.

To kill or suffer—the question lies.

To pierce or singe the demon's eye.

I chose the first, just to poke.

A single needle to help me choke.

Demon's in for a real surprise.

Love, hate, sympathy, demise

Strangle the demon then let it breathe.

Cut it once and let it heave.

The sword of glory, a little thing.

Sharpened and loaded for a king.

Should I bandage the scar or let it bleed?

Chased away the demon, now let me feed.

Not too long until it returns

And upon that moment the demon churns.