"Golden dust"

"Everything I touch grows beautiful,"

He whispered as he carressed my hair

"But you're so imune to my touch,

You wouldn't need it anyway,"

He sighed happily,his hands gently

Smoothing my face

I laughed,he teased me,pretended

To be a gentlemen and kiss my cheek

Breathing in my honey scent

Which choked us both up as we tried to speak.

"Everything I love is touched my god,"

I whispered as I stared into his eyes

Though I had no faith,It

Kept me strong.

"He must have touched you at birth

With golden fingers," I kissed him

Let my black blanket of curls

Fall over his face.

"Covered you in golden dust,"

I murmered,

He held me like he loved me

Like no-one ever had before

"If I didn't know you were human

I'd guess you were an angel,"

He said softly

I laughed while I listened

And the words fell upon my ears

Like the music of silver bells.

"Everyone with your voice and smile

With your beautiful eyes of blue water

And your ebony black curls

Deserve so much better," he sighed

I let the crimson tears run down my cheeks

As he destroyed them with hiskisses,

"All people like that deserve much better.

But since there is only you,"

I saw what he meant

I created a waterfall

Which angels swam in,laughing

"I don't deserve you," he was crying,I felt it

It felt his warm tears like sadness on my skin.

He repeated my name,three times,Elizabeth,

"I don't deserve you,be happy," he suppressed

A sob,let me go,and left me broken

On his bedrom floor.

A.N:I may write a sequel poem.