So young in heart yet so lost in this world,

The sweetness of the snowy the fun of the rain,

Gone forever,

The world no longer held me in its seductive fascination any more,

I learned that hearts can be broken,

Souls tormented,

Love and life could be torn away,

Like an unwanted band aid,

Wet, soggy and alone in the road,

No longer was I unafraid of this world,

And what it held in store for me,

I knew then that the earth's soil was tainted,

The fanciful tales of old were mere lies,

Life wasn't simple,

Not everyone was friendly or even pleasant,

No, life gave you a stooped back, hard hateful eye,

The humans that shared this earth with me,

Could be kind one moment then tear your throat apart,

Bare handed and crazy eyed,

The lost of innocence that all children have, was gone,

Puppies died and kittens smeared on the tarmac,

Candy made you fat, toys could be stolen,

Knees scrapped and teeth smashed,

All that I had was my skin to kept everyone away,

My mind to create friends or pets that never die,

That soft delicate skin that children have, now is hard, thick,

And in some places beneath the surface, wounds still ooze, still bleed.